March 19, 2008

Raging Against the Machine?

While the Republican Convention was going on, self-proclaimed Marxist band 'Rage Against the Machine' played an impromptu concert which ended in a totally expected riot. Typically, I would ignore something like this but an interesting event occurred recently which made matters take on a special significance.Most people who read my blog are at least familiar with Rage Against the Machine as they were a staple on commercial-alternative radio(figure out that oxymoron). They were probably one of the better rap-metal hybrid bands, if you're into that sort of thing, with heavy guitar and decent grooves.

They are also successful in a very capitalistic way- making lots of money on product and merchandising, in spite of their inane hard leftist lyrics and stated beliefs. Yes friends, the irony is intense. Like any business or dare I say, corporation, Rage make lots of money protecting their private intellectual property(using the term 'intellectual' loosely), engage in mass marketing, and advertisement.
Making Money By Worshiping Terrorists Who Hated Money!
For all of their Che Guevara shirt-wearing and communist blabbering, they live a piece of the American Dream that few of us will ever know. They make their fortune playing music; they stay in posh hotels, and ride around with rich, groupie-chicks in cool cars.
This might make one wonder, "hey, Zack de la Rocha…why so angry slick?" But the America-bashing business is good and anger sells, so there is part of the answer. But also protesting via microphone and six string in America is…well…safe. In a country of free speech, anyone and especially a rock star and/or celebrity, can spout all kinds of nonsense without fear of reprisal from the government.
Like most protesters going back to the sixties, with very few exceptions, the whole thing is like a spoiled teenager rebelling from his permissive parents who think a "time-out" is too harsh. And this is where we see what true cowards Rage and others like them really are.
In one of the band's socialist Mecca of Cuba, a horrible place where the average person could never own a decent guitar nor dream to live the lifestyle de la Roche and company do, a little known event happened while Rage was preachin' to the choir outside the DNC.

A punk rocker named Gorki Aguila of a band called Porno Para Ricardo was arrested in Cuba- not for pulling some jerky stunt - but for speaking/singing out against his government.

I assure you this band never made a cent for doing what Rage makes big bucks on here. And I assure you Gorki can not afford the lawyers de la Roche could summon up with a tap on a blackberry (that is assuming their criminal justice system is even close to being fair). No…what we are talking about here is true courage- Like the guy who stood in front of the tank in Tienanmen Square and all of those who spoke out in real military-industrial totalitarian states.

Do you know what Communist countries did (and do) to people who dissent? They are murdered, tortured, sent to forced labor camps, or put in asylums. This is a fact and the Soviets admitted to doing it on an epic scale. This is the system De la Roche is so in love with and wants for all of us!

To quote from the Porno Para Ricardo web site: "In Cuba, the voice of the brave is silenced by the regime, which doesn't hesitate to use intimidation and force." Do you know what Cuban prison is like? I doubt that any pampered member of Rage Against the Machine would survive a day in there. But then again they will never have to…
Oh, You Bad Boys!
Back in the US, the so-called rock-rap rebels known as Rage Against the Machine have in their corner folks like Barbra Streisand, Madonna, Rosie O'Donnell, the Dixie Chicks. Oh what bad boys you are, Rage! To continue…Al Franken, Susan Sarandon, George Clooney, Michael Bolton, the remainder of Hollywood, most of the 'pop' media- including the biggest newspapers and magazines, ABC, NBC, CBS, …Kim Jung IL, the entire country of Iran, Hugo Chavez, and on and on.

So when Zack de la Roche and his band mates are clinking glasses at some hip California party, Gorki Aguila will be suffering in some stinking Cuban jail and if he makes it out alive he will probably continue to do what Rage plays for pretend….That is - dishing out true rebellion and fighting the actual "man".

Power to the people!


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