March 19, 2009

A Conservative in Exile Speaks



First, what happened to Obama’s promise to examine and eliminate “pork” spending “line by line”? The 410 billion dollar spending bill (HR 1105) contains around 7000 of these special interest and lawmaker driven pet projects! Somewhere between 3 and 7 BILLION dollars are going to the very type of spending Obama promised in his campaign to end! He thought it was a serious problem before being elected but after only six weeks in office, Obama will sign off on a bill with YOUR TAX DOLLARS funding everything from tattoo removal to honey bee farming in Texas. Is this really the time to be spending your money on pork spending that he thought should be eliminated? So, I am asking a question of all you Obama supporters, "How do you feel about being lied to so early on?" Please send me a comment or email with your thoughts so I understand. I wont use your name if you don't want and frankly, I would not blame you for it. And for those of you with the time and stomach for it, check out a list of these earmarks at TAXPAYERS FOR COMMON SENSE -

The New ‘New Deal’

Harry Truman once said, “There is nothing new in the world but the history you do not know.” If it was only as simple as Barack Obama
missing a few critical history lessons… but the solutions to the current economic crisis now becoming policy are the results of a long entrenched contempt of both history and sound economic principles. It is the defining debate of our century in terms of economic and governmental policy. We are all witnesses to this ideological clash right here, right now.

On the one side are those who believe in more government regulation and control, the redistribution of wealth, expansionary fiscal policy, collectivism directed by centralized planning, and a version of Keynesian economic theory that marginalizes tax cutting and emphasizes government spending. With the charismatic Obama at the helm, their allies are the mass media and all popular culture outlets. As powerful as those allies who can control what people read, watch, hear, and teach may be - nothing compares to their ultimate partner. This most dangerous ally is the ignorance and lack of interest in history and policy on the part of many American citizens.

On the other side are those who believe in a smaller, less interventionist government, less regulation, individualism, private ownership, and a fiscal policy centered on tax reduction. The responsibility of government is to assure the right to life,liberty, and pursuit of happiness. The markets work better with minimal interference. Unfortunately, the allies on this side of the battle are the not-so-sexy historical facts and the less than photogenic statistics. The heroes are not movie and pop stars who talk about how they ‘feel’ things ought to be but bespectacled economists in book filled rooms working out complex mathematical formulas for how things are. How could you ever get the Brittney Spears generation to understand how aggregate supply curves can explain more about the economy that an Obama sound bite?


It is very important for the Obama administration to spread as much fear and panic over the condition of our economy. In order to justify the outrageous economic package dictated to the American people recently, much has been done to compare our situation with the Great Depression. In this way, Obama could be the second coming of FDR, his package the new ‘New Deal’, and Bush a modern day Hoover. While the Democrats in Washington use historical references to gain power and the support of the masses, they are counting on the American people not looking any deeper in to history. Because when you do, things get really frightening.



Within a few weeks of taking office, Roosevelt created a veritable alphabet soup of government organizations: the HOLC for people going into foreclosure, the FERA for the unemployed, the WPA and the PWA for massive public works, the NRA and AAA for wage and price controls, the SEC, the CCC to regulate the exchanges, and on and on. Essentially massive government spending in order to increase demand and stimulate the economy coupled with an assault on the free market with a spider’s web of regulations. Since the government had no money, what it could not get through taxation it obtained through increasing the deficit. The New Dealers blamed capitalism and big business for the countries predicament. With talk of hope and change from the charismatic FDR, policy was enacted with lightening
speed and dissension ignored. The people would be saved. Does any of this sound familiar?

And it all seemed to work…for awhile… an amazingly short while. Within a few years, in 1937, the
Depression returned with a vengeance. The stock market collapsed on par with the crash of 1929. Unemployment raged to 19% by 1938. The lowest level it reached was 14%. People went homeless and hungry and the zoo of government agencies produced negligible results. The response to this total failure was to spend more and blame more. The slow growth of GDP was probably hampered and limited by the New Deal and it wasn’t until 1941 that it came close to its 1929 levels. But that was that was the year the United States entered World War II and debate about the New Deal was forever obscured.

Governmental economic intervention became an unproven matter of faith for the Left. The grandiose intentions meant that, to the Left, it had worked or would have worked. It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the interventionists were again able to influence policy and riding the wave of 1950’s prosperity it appeared to have at least prevented uncomfortable market fluctuations. The result was the 1970’s recessions compounded with inflation (or stagflation). The interventionist policy of demand-side economics was proven to make things worse. When Ronald Regan instead enacted a supply-side policy and cut tax rates the longest peacetime expansion had begun.

One would think that would have been the final nail in the coffin of demand-side, interventionist economic policy. Interestingly enough many of the institutions created by the New Deal are still with us today and nearly all of them are considered ineffective, inefficient, and “broken”. Again, the grandiose intentions of New Deal (or inspired by the New Deal) entitlement programs like welfare and social security means, to the Left, that they must exist no matter how ineffective or harmful. Just as the response in 1937 was to blame and spend even more, so it is today. And now the morning after the Obama Deal, we see the same thoroughly discredited economic policies on a massive scale passed into law with lightening speed and dissension ignored. Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? I suppose to
the Democrats it is okay to employ insanity as long as it gets votes and after all- if it doesn’t work just blame and spend.

global hoax

Next up: How to tax based on an idea!

It is possible, my friends, albeit unbelievable. The Obama government will now sell the right to exceed whatever the current caps on carbon emissions are. I say “sell” but it is in effect a tax (Cap-and-Trade plan). I am assuming this tax will have a progressive and direct relationship to increasing amounts of emissions. The Government will now have yet another source of tax revenue and the more you exceed the cap the more you pay. In addition, the government could lower the cap anytime it needs to squeeze more out of companies (who are already struggling to compete with nations like China and India). But the insanity is that, contrary to popular belief, global warming is still only a theory, a guess, an idea!

There is enough evidence that there is NO correlation between carbon emissions and global warming as there is to the contrary- At least enough evidence to warrant further study before we place more crippling taxes and restrictions on industry (and consumers!) in these difficult times. Shouldn’t the burden of proof be on the government to prove beyond reasonable doubt that level “x” of carbon emissions has a direct contribution to global warming? And if they could, why in the world would they allow a company to emit level “x+1” or “x+2” so long as they pay the taxes. Talk about selling out the environment for money! Unless of course they set “x” and an absurdly low level to make avoiding the tax impossible for business and thereby “x+1”would not be as harmful for the environment. Or, as I suspect, the government itself knows it is all a bunch of nonsense and a great way to make money while appearing to save the planet. Obama and his administration have now shown that not only will they tax in the same old way but also in new creative ways. They will tax on the basis of theory alone!

This sounds like a great way to get companies to continue to flee from the United States to less punishing shores. With industrial flight will go millions of jobs and the related economic benefits. If you still think that this will only affect fat cat businessmen, guess again. This tax will be passed down to you – the consumer in a huge way. Gas, electric, and other goods will all be affected. Are you prepared to spend hundreds of dollars a month more than you do today based on a theory? Is it not easy to see that this global warming thing is about - control?

An Excellent article on Global Warming can be found at:

*If you want to know how much more you will be paying directly and indirectly there is a study by the George C. Marshall Institute which you should see here.

... So Sorry (not really)!

all obamas men

One of the few nasty emails I received some time ago referred to my posting of Obama’s connection to Islamic terrorists (aka: our enemies). The email stated, “There is nothing wrong with being Muslim!” Well that is true…as long as you are not Jewish, Christian, a woman, gay, or anything except a Muslim.

They seek to change us all or destroy us. It is part of their belief system. If you think that this ideology is only part of a fringe element - I disagree and the universal dancing and celebration after the destruction of the Twin Towers in the Islamic world attests to this. But more importantly, the lack of widespread condemnation by the Muslim world for those and subsequent terrorist attacks is more telling.



The Left, in one of the greatest hoaxes ever pulled, sells itself as the protector of the oppressed. Yet they raise no significant outcry against the subjugation (and mutilation) of women in the Islamic world; No mass rallies against the execution of homosexuals. Of course, I would not expect the Left to demand that the Islamic nations stop the murder of Christian who simply
attempt to go to church. That would be asking for pigs to fly… but… why aren’t aggro- feminists parachuting into Iran to help their sisters? Because Liberals are phony. They have it too good growing rich and popular here in America. They can pretend to hold to high ideals and drive home in SUV’s feeling good about themselves.


I have recently become more outspoken in my support for one nation which does stand on the front lines against Islamo-Fascism. A country which is an island of civility surround by an ocean of hate. That nation is Israel. This is a tiny outpost of Western Culture on a frontier filled with those who are bent on its destruction. Israel faces unceasing terrorist attacks and overt threats from Islamic leaders. Can anyone seriously believe that if the Muslims controlled the area they would keep it the democratic and religiously tolerant place that it is? Noticeably but not surprisingly, the American Left has been silent and sometimes hostile to Israel’s right to defend

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