March 19, 2009

The Obama Behind the Curtain


I must confess the past month or so has made being a political junkie and blogger not only fun but easy. With the Obama administration in full effect and characters like Pelosi and Biden around, there is no shortage of material. It could all make for a slapstick comedy (if the future of our country wasn’t at stake) and there were a few times this past week when I was totally convinced the lunatics are now running the asylum.

Thinking back at the school-girlish enthusiasm of supporters during the Obama campaign, the comment by Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten after their final Winterland show comes to mind: “Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?” I picture the giddy throngs of “yes we can-ers” who were convinced that only two things were needed to be done to usher in the new dawn of prosperity. The first was to get rid of Bush and the second was to elect Obama. Yet the proverbial morning after looked… well… much the same as the day before. In fact, things started to get worse. But the Obama folks could rationalize this fairly easily. They could forget the cyclical nature of the economy (if they knew what that meant in the first place), they could gloss over the role the Democrats played in exacerbating the mess, and they could blame old George W. (Blaming him is odd, considering the Obama administration continued some of W's worst ideas, increased the deficit in an astronomical way, and increased government budgetary spending!)

Then Obama and began to take action with a preposterous 787 billion dollar stimulus package and as a result we are now facing down a deficit that will plague us for generations to come. Obama broke promises: "We need earmark reform and when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely”, and
9000 earmarks showed up in his very unwise omnibus spending package. In addition, his taxation strategy is so punitive that even with the Democrats fuzziest math, it is clearly going to hurt the middle class. It must have, at the very least,given pause to his flock if not a little gnawing feeling in the heart of some. So Obama chose to dazzle with lifting the ban of stem cell research, promising to solve the health care crisis, clamp down on carbon emissions and promote the development of alternative energy, and a whole host of other things. It’s enough to make your head spin. His administration also tried to minimize some of these uncomfortable things by calling the 400 billion dollar omnibus spending package...just a little "unfinished business" and we should just move on. After the bill is passed then Obama promises to change spending rules. How convenient…


Maybe he kept the flock in line a little longer but there is some grumbling. His flock are the only citizens he needs to worry about because Mr. Work Together has already shown that he will ignore criticism and marginalize the Republicans and even fiscal conservatives in his own party. But even the faithful are going to recognize how bad his prescription for the economy truly is and all the fast talk and dazzle is not going to keep Americans from noticing that salvation isn’t coming as easy as they were lead to believe. So sit back and let us share a few recent events and pray your head doesn’t explode…


America to the Left of Europe?!

After Obama’s rock star reception in Europe during his campaign, he had to feel a good sting when things did not go according to plan recently in Brussels. Larry Summers, Obama’s lead economic adviser, was given a flat out NO when he suggested that the 16 Euro-zone countries use more tax payer money to stimulate their economies. Can you imagine!! Not content to spend American tax dollars for generations to come in the flawed demand-side scheme to stimulate the economy, the Obama administration now wants European taxpayers to give more.
Europe might be Left-leaning but they are not stupid! "We agreed that the recent US calls on Europe for an additional budgetary effort do not suit us…" Luxembourg Finance Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said - but he could have added, “listen, we like Obama as the president of your country but not ours”. The Obamanites must have been shocked when after decades of idolizing European socialism - the Euro-zone countries did not follow the Saviors lead. Some of the finance ministers were concerned about deficits spiraling out of control, a fear that our leader doesn’t seem to have. Even more amazing was the Europeans icy reception to increasing private sector regulation! Wow, the Europeans are now more concerned with the free markets than the United States.
All of this should be throwing up warning signs about the expectations of the Obama administration. They have only yet begun to institute their grand plan for America and already it seems too radical for the Europeans. It is one thing to cheer and support the first MTV president during his campaign tours last year, but a whole other thing to take more from their tax paying citizens at his direction.
I was suspicious when I saw how much the Europeans loved Obama. After all, when have they ever wanted anything good for the United States? I even thought that maybe they purposely wanted this disaster in the White House so we could finally ‘get what was coming to us’. Regardless, their love affair with Obama lasted only until his first bad suggestion to their own countries.


Not as I Say or Do

Attached to the Stem Cell bill signed by Obama a few days ago was a memo which set a new level of presidential hypocrisy. On the surface his directive appears sound if not noble, which only makes the hypocrisy all the more astounding. "It is about ensuring that scientific data is never distorted or concealed to serve a political agenda — and that we make scientific decisions based on facts, not ideology…", Obama said of his memo. He added, "(the memo) is about letting scientists… do their jobs, free from manipulation or coercion, and listening to what they tell us, even when it's inconvenient — especially when it's inconvenient."
I think the word “inconvenient” works well here when we consider one particular “inconvenient” truth. That being the truth that Obama has continued a policy of doing just the opposite of his directive when it concerns Global Warming. Is there another example of a scientific issue being used to serve a political agenda in modern times? Is there any other issue which data is more “distorted” and “concealed”? Could there ever have been, in recent times, another instance where scientists with inconvenient data are marginalized and outright blackballed? The answer is no, of course.

Ever since the Left has seized upon the global warming theory as a tool to further their goals, we have seen every violation of the norms and practices of scientific inquest. I think this entire fiasco is all the more unbelievable when just recently Al Gore was forced to remove a slide from his ‘global warming is coming’ slide show because it was phony. One of his slide sequences attempted to insinuate that the earth is experiencing more severe and numerous natural disasters as a result of global warming. As it turned out, his data was incorrect and he had to pull it from his show. The data in reality showed that it was impossible to prove that global warming, if it existed at all, was even a factor. But the show goes on because data was never all that important to Gore or any of the politicians who see a good opportunity.
The hypocrisy of the Obama directive is all the more unbelievable when we consider many of his programs like the Cap and Trade scheme and a myriad of other alternative energy and environmental programs. All of these programs are based on the gospel acceptance of a theory with enough conflicting evidence to cast reasonable doubt.


What could be more inconvenient to Obama’s business destroying and taxpayer bilking plans than scientist such as Dr. William Grey disputing the validity of global warming research? If you haven’t heard of him, he is Emeritus Professor of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University, head of the Tropical Meteorology Project at CSU's Department of Atmospheric Sciences, and among other things considered the best hurricane forecaster in the country. With an M.S. in meteorology and a PhD. in geophysical sciences, Dr. Grey is someone who is certainly qualified to comment on global warming and carbon emissions. Yet he and many other scientists who draw different conclusions than the Gore camp are ostracized. For a list of many other prominent scientists you have never heard from, see:

Will Obama’s new directive help give them a fair hearing now? Somehow I don’t think so. His memo only applies to “real science” - that being whatever science the left has decided to be true. Furthermore, the stakes are just too high for the Administration to allow a little hypocrisy to mess up their plans. Cap and Trade and other restrictions are just too powerful of tools, for both control and taxation of consumers and business, to let unfettered scientific debate possibly derail.


Closet Conservative DVD Rental of the Week!

Once in awhile, a movie with a conservative message gets past the Hollywierd movie machine. I can’t say for sure if the original writers knew that they were doing a Right of Center story, but The Beach starring Leonardo DiCaprio is just that.

Without giving too much away, this 2000 film, follows a young mans trip to Thailand and the search for a secret island. The island develops into a ‘paradise found’ or so it might seem. Their attempt to live free of society’s rules and in a hedonistic commune unravels in a spectacular way.

I won’t spoil it for you by saying that as much as they try to create a perfect little commune, they can’t escape their own weaknesses and inequalities. Nor can they escape Mother Nature and hostile outsiders - - none of these things wanting to cooperate with the island kids Utopian creation.

The whole movie is an excellent critique of Marxism and Liberal naïveté. Obvious parallels could be drawn with the 1960’s hippie culture, but also with the modern Lefts head-in-the-sand attitude towards Islamo- fascism. I would also like to see this movie played for high school and college students to expand the play list beyond the Color Purple. Rent it this weekend!



Obama campaigned as hard against special interest and the lobbyist culture in Washington as he did against earmarks and pork spending. He is also going back on his word just as quickly. When we consider the big labor unions, we are talking about special interest defined. The Bosses of these antiquated organizations of workers did much for Obama during the campaign trail (over 60 million dollars in contributions) and now they want payback. The “Card Check” legislation, which will give the government broader rights to force labor contracts on workers and end the right to a secret ballot, is hoping to piggyback on the success of Obama’s other bad ideas already signed into law. Big Labor better hurry up because the fact is that not only Republicans are against this bill but also as much as 82% of Democrats. Unions have long funneled their workers money towards candidates and political vehicles of the bosses’ choice. With a lot of money comes a lot of power and vice versa. What develops is the kind of ‘I scratch your back’ relationship that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid can’t refuse.

Not that any of this is new and the behavior of unions and their bosses are as dubious as their friends in Washington. What is bad is the timing. With Obama trying to tackle everything all at once and doing much of it poorly, is now the time to be passing legislation like this? Worst of all, with the Cap and Trade policy, the crippling tax plan, and other anti-business legislation, is now the time to hurt business even more when so many people are losing their job? I hope that Obama realizes very soon that you can’t have the socialist dream and a prosperous America…simply because, the socialist dream has been a nightmare for most of the 20th century.

Stay tuned, friends....

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