April 22, 2009

Burning Questions For Liberals

Can one of you Liberals please help me out here? I don't want to freak you out, so I have a lot of 'feeling' questions. So anyways,... maybe it's me, but I can not for the life of me figure out things like...


1) Where are all the war protesters? Is the war, which you heaped such scorn on, suddenly acceptable because your man Barack is president? When Bush was president you chanted "END THE WAR NOW!" - because war is immoral and we are killing innocent people. But I am starting to believe that it wasn't about morality or people. Who am I kidding? I never thought it was about anything other than protesting George Bush...oh and maybe impressing that chick who stays in the dorm across campus. There is still a war going on and unfortunately, innocent people are still getting hurt -but since that no longer concerns you - why not protest something worthwhile? Like the crushing taxation or the catastrophic deficit spending our new president is planning?

BONUS: When Barack recently spoke about his plan for conducting the war in Afghanistan, he actually used the Bush phrase - "Make No Mistake...". If it sounded cliche when "W" said it, it sounded absolutely trite coming from Obama. My bonus question to liberals is: How does it make you feel when Obama mimics George Bush in syntax?

Dude, that was so last administration...

2)How do you feel about Obama lying to the American people? He promised to prohibit lobbyists from high office...he quickly signed a waiver to appoint William Lynn as Deputy Defense Secretary. In case you missed this, Lynn was senior vice president at Raytheon, the company responsible for the Patriot and Tomahawk missile systems. As far as players in a military-industrial complex go...this would be the guy. Obama said, "We need earmark reform and when I'm president, I will go line by line to make sure we're not spending money unwisely”, and 9000 earmarks showed up in his very unwise omnibus spending package.

Obama also promised to post all important legislation five days before signing them to give the "American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website" in order to "...(introduce) more sunlight into the lawmaking process." He signed at least three major bills without doing what he promised...legislation that will have consequences for generations to come. These are just a few of many campaign lies that went out the window. I am a little confused here because I thought he was the candidate of change...unless that means a change from the Washington practice of at least waiting a little while before breaking promises or at least being ashamed of it!

CAVEAT: The question is in regards to Obama specifically. Answers saying that 'politicians always lie' or this or that president 'also lied' will NOT be accepted!


3)After decades of cultivating an image of being the vanguard of the counterculture and 'unfairly' persecuted by the 'MAN", how does it feel to have the mass media, Hollywood, and other pop culture outlets openly on your side? When I was younger, any punk-rocker worth his salt had a "Kill Your TV" sticker on their hatchback. Now, with the exception of Fox News, all the major networks are solidly in the Obama camp and most are openly liberal. In college, I remember taking a class where we went line by line through fictional news pieces with the object of underlining sentences and phrases of bias - which (I assumed)was considered a bad thing. The 'hard' news channels have given up on even attempting to appear objective. Outside of the news, shows from Law and Order to The Family Guy operate with a left of center bias. With a few generations of kids raised on media like this, society will be totally inculcated. I wonder how it feels for these old counter-culture types to share their belief system with corporate rockers, artists, and blockbuster movie stars.

OBSERVATION: The Prime Time TV show boogieman was often the expansion of executive branch powers and subjects like the Patriot Act. Since Obama came into office, these subjects seem to have gone away. Apparently we have no reason to fear our government anymore...ya!

Imagine waking up to this face everyday...

Stay tuned....

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