April 20, 2009

What I Believe (part one)

These are a few of my beliefs as a Conservative. We are a diverse group - you might see some of your own beliefs listed here or in the next posting. You may not even realize you had conservative ideals! Naturally, these beliefs are the result of constructs which far exceed the few sentences I put down. Some are the culmination of personal experience, historical and economic research, or just plain common sense.

* I believe in God – the Judeo-Christian God you may have heard about in the Bible. I don’t care if you don’t believe in Him – that is your business. But be thankful that the Founding Fathers of our nation did believe in Him. It was their belief that we all have certain unalienable rights which are God given. The state exists to protect those rights of which we are naturally endowed and has no legal basis to take away what it did not give.

* I believe in the Free Market. Considering the imperfect nature of humans Capitalism is the most democratic, efficient, and successful economic system. History is all the proof that is needed. Command economies, by contrast, have produced nothing but unparalleled genocide, corruption, and stagnation. The key is to balance Capitalism with Judea-Christian values to safe guard against excess, greed, and callousness potentially present in any human endeavor. Unfortunately, and particularly in the last 60 years, America has operated under a mixed system which has handicapped our progress. The people who claim that our recent economic troubles are proof that capitalism is a failure are incorrect. It is in fact our socialistic elements that have been a failure. And recent events prove that even elements of a command economy are harmful.


* I believe in legal immigration. Our country should continue to accept and assimilate people from all over the world. However, with resources influenced by supply and demand, perhaps it is time we accepted the best and brightest the world has to offer. There was a time when the poor, huddled masses were an important factor in this nation’s growth. But then again, those ‘huddled masses’ worked incessantly hard. They accepted that English was the official language. They asked for no handouts – only for the opportunity to live in relative safety and peace. They appreciated the freedom this country offered. They ignored prejudice. They were the quintessential ‘bootstrappers’. Many of the immigrants today don’t bother becoming legal or naturalized. They often pay no taxes yet receive food stamps and health care. They have little use for the English language as they are accommodated in their own. They want drivers’ licenses and entitlements with no thought of assimilation. They are like a nation within our nation with American citizens and legal immigrants paying the bill.


* The “Drug War”, as has been conducted the last 80 years or so, has been an unmitigated disaster. From a fiscally conservative viewpoint, the Drug War has been a horrendous waste of taxpayer funds – a black hole where good money is sucked in to yield negligible results. The criminalization of Marijuana is the superstar of this folly. Releasing rapists and murderers to make room, in already overcrowded prisons, for those convicted of marijuana possession defies reason.


* I am against abortion. Our constitution protects the right to life. The pro-abortion lobby claims to be concerned with the rights of women, yet female babies do not factor into their platform. Taxpayers should not be forced to fund any organization associated with this tragic practice. On a personal level, I have never known a woman, who has had an abortion to not deeply regret her decision and carry a painful emotional burden. None of them had parents who would not have supported their decision to pursue other options, or parents who would have thrown them out on the street as a result of an unplanned pregnancy. None of them had been raped. All of them were victims of a culture which deceived them into believing that termination was a just another birth control option and then left them to suffer the emotional consequences alone.


Stay tuned....

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