April 20, 2009

What I Believe (part two)

Here is Part Two:

* Governmental racism exists right now in Affirmative Action. The institution implies that minorities need to have standards lowered and debased in order to succeed. It is offensive to minorities who are able to succeed through their own ambition, intelligence, and force of will. Affirmative action divides society and creates resentment. It is all the more ironic with an African-American occupying the highest office in our nation. If color, gender, creed, etc, is irrelevant, then remove all “self-identification” questions from federal applications. End any kind of preferential treatment, grant or contract awards, and/or subsidies based on those clearly discriminatory criteria.While we are at it,remove any “Hate-Crime” laws that value victims of the same crime differently.

* I believe that there is an inverse relationship between the size of government and its efficiency in governing. Its inefficiency requires more oversight and growth which perpetuates inefficiency and more growth ad infinitum. Big government is inherently intrusive in the lives of its citizens in order to justify its existence. It diverts and consumes more and more resources. Big government is the enemy of the individual.

* I believe marriage is a bond between a man and a woman. I really don’t care what or who consenting adults do in their homes. Have at it. American tolerance is a blessing to all but do not expect people to consider same sex unions or homosexual relationships as normal. If it was normal, or occurred with the frequency the gay lobby suggests, homosexuality would be a non-issue. The fact is that it is abnormal in nature - human or otherwise. Mandates to teach children that same-sex relationships are normal or a casual choice is wrong. Forcing a child to grow up having to explain why he or she has two fathers or mothers is unfair. And in regards to recent events, the woman who became a man and then gave birth is an affront to both womanhood and motherhood. Oprah may find this “father” acceptable but these people have put their confused sexual identity ahead of this innocent child – who will have to shoulder a confusing burden.

* I believe in respect for different cultures but multiculturalism is nonsense. Today, multiculturalism means respect for any other culture except the brilliant culture of the “West” which is European and Christian. Although flawed like any human phenomena, this Western culture is responsible for the creation of our nation – an unrivaled example of liberty and achievement. That white men of European decent (primarily Anglo and Protestant), could establish the foundations of a nation of universal liberty, proves the value of that culture. As a Catholic with only slight Anglo roots, I am grateful. The desire of multiculturalists to demonize, minimize, or ignore Western culture is not only counter factual and short-sighted, but a threat to civilization.


* I believe in the freedom of expression but if taxpayers are funding your ‘art’ it better be something the public can enjoy. If you want to urinate on crucifixes and otherwise defile religious symbols and call it art – do it with your own money. If you want to denigrate women or our nation and call it art – do it with your own money. If you think obscenity is self-expression - than you can self-finance and if enough people think you’re talented, you may even get rich.

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