August 11, 2009

A Few Things To Consider


Because I have been busy working on a project, I have to be brief this week. I do have a few things for you to consider. Also, I thank everyone for visiting this blog as much as you all do. I enjoy your words of support and thoughts. I wish the opposition (I know you Liberals are reading...) would answer some of the questions I pose. As for my fellow members of the "conspiracy" - We have only begun to fight!

1) If a business man came up to you and asked you to invest money from your check, would you do it? What if that business man had failed in every single venture? What if you, your children, and future grandchildren already had to pay just to keep these past failed ventures barely afloat? That answer would certainly be: NO Way! Yet, if you swap 'business man' for the United States Government and investment capital for obligatory tax dollars - this is what the Obama administration is telling you they will do with your tax dollars to fund schemes including a health care plan. How much of a return has the average hardworking citizen ever gotten from entitlement programs?


2) These are turning out to be exciting days in politics! Americans can only be pushed so far and lied to before they start to get angry. "We the People" are actually pushing back. I love that they are calling us an "angry mob" makes me feel young again. Americans are smart enough to realize that the health care system needs reform but we actually want to fix it - not make it worse! You don't tear down a house just because it has rotten wood in some places- and you certainly do not replace it with a rickety shack!


3) It is true that the White House has asked it's supporters to inform on those of us who are speaking out. They have asked for devout people to forward emails to them concerning opposition to the Obama's health care scheme. Can you imagine if Bush had done something similar? No, liberal friends, asking citizens to be aware of and report possible terrorism is not any where close to this! There is an outrage.

4) We now have a government in power that hates its nation and hates the ideals which have made us the greatest country in history. Those little, sniveling, liberal elites who consider the Founding Fathers irrelevant, dead white men, are in charge... So, what are you willing to do about it?
George Washington

5) What the hell is up with all my old 'punk rocker'/'alternative' friends who have turned their backs on our commitment to individualism and now actually trust in the government to 'provide' for society? They have sold out and become 'Tools of State Oppression" (or just tools)! This is truly a sickness and I will explain how it happened soon...


6) I was way ahead of events when I wrote about "Dissension in the age of Obama" some time ago. Please go back and read my blog piece. Dissension is no longer patriotic according to the Left now that their man is in charge. I suppose that would make sense - if they actually believed that their own dissension was ever really patriotic. The age old Marxist trick of classifying any opposition as 'Nazis', 'fascist', right-wing extremist' - is being employed against anyone who disagrees with this administration. That means they cannot meet us on equal terms in the arena of logic so they resort to name calling. Ironically, Hitler's National Socialism would actually envy many of Obama's socialistic ideals.


7) Remember a critical step towards fascism is single party rule which precedes a dictatorship. The democrats are close to controlling all three branches of our government. The political opposition is impotent. The situation is not helped by some wishy-washy Republicans as demonstrated during the Sotomayor confirmation. What will help are "grass roots" movements which the Obama Administration and their Media lapdogs cannot deny or suppress.

8) There is another name for "Racial Profiling"'s called good police work! If you see a scrawny white boy in a mostly black neighborhood (it could have been me six or seven years ago) then he is probably up to no good. Likewise, a black guy in a mostly white neighborhood should expect to look out of place. It is not racism - just reality. Consider this: I know of many all black neighborhoods but not one all white neighborhood. I also know that a black man can survive a midnight stroll through a mostly white neighborhood. Yes, maybe some one will call him the "n" word when the peep out their window. Yes, the cops might ask him what he is doing. However, there are many neighborhoods where a white person will not survive more than a few blocks without being assaulted or killed. This is the cold truth. If you don't believe me, then I will drop you off at the Liberty City exit in Miami, or some place in the Bronx and you can call me if you survive until daylight.

Stay tuned....

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