November 18, 2009

Jumping to Conclusions

I don’t recall ever hearing the charge of racism directed towards those who have profiled serial killers (in this instance not “mass murders”) as typically being middle aged white males. That may be because it is true – they most often are. There have been, of course, black serial killers and women serial killers in the past but they of course are the exception which proves the rule. The entire science of criminological profiling is based on patterns and commonalities. The best part is that, as time goes on, new information makes the profiles become more accurate and more useful.

Son of Sam David Berkowitz

Okay, so we can all accept the generalization that serial killers are usually middle aged white guys. But now let me tell you another piece of information and I don’t care who you are… you will be uncomfortable with it:

Using published Justice Department statistics*, blacks are more likely to commit crimes against whites than the reverse; and a white woman is far more likely to be raped by a black man than a black woman being raped by a white man. These are generalizations based on statistical fact and just as legitimate as any others commonly accepted from a mathematical point of view.

Whoooa! Suddenly, you feel a little strange? Why is that? Even when we boil it down to statistics - that there were 1.54 million violent crimes committed by blacks against whites versus the 187,000 crimes of whites against blacks in 1993*- a whole host of social, political, and psycho-social factors come into play. These factors will too often cause people to over-look the truth for the sake of political correctness.

How many 48 Hours, CNBC, or 60 minute shows have you seen on these guys?

In effect, American society has no problem with some generalizations like ‘white men can’t jump’ or ‘white people can’t dance’. And certainly we have no problem with useful, more scientific data such as serial killer profiles which tell us to look for a middle-aged white loner. Yet, to our own detriment, society chooses to ignore other equally useful data for the sake of propriety.

Not only do we ignore these ‘inconvenient truths” but we pass ludicrous laws, such as Hate Crime laws, which are contrary to their implications. Out of the already comparatively smaller number of white on black crime, how many of those violent incidents are committed by “skin-heads”, hood- wearing Clansmen, or rouge racists? We all can agree that even one crime of hate is too many -but I assure you they are statistically a tiny fraction.

Yet somehow, the Media and the political Left have white racists hiding behind every bush and the southern countryside teeming with moronic KKK men. From fictional prime-time shows to the History Channel (when they take a break from their all Hitler-all the time format) it would seem we have been in a perpetual epidemic. The implication being that most crimes against blacks (or other minorities) are racially motivated and therefore ‘worse’ than what we statistically know to be the more common crime. It is not even close to the reality of the situation where one could infer that, if anything, whites are a consciously selected target because of their race. This is the "intent" associated with hate crimes. The Left doesn't want to deal with that and the Media sure as hell won't either. (Btw, did you ever notice that these exposé shows on inevitably white racist groups have been using the same footage for the past 20 years?)

Even on their 'hate' list for being a Catholic, this clown doesn't really scare me...

If you think about it, aren't Hate Crime Laws- in practice almost always used to prosecute whites- and over-blown media attention on these crimes racist in itself? If we know that statistically white on minority crime is far less than the reverse, and actual racially motivated violent crime an even smaller subset, it almost as if society is saying: Whites are held to a higher standard. We are appalled by racially motivated crimes and give them extra legal and media attention. You minorities are hopeless criminals anyways and incapable of a higher standard.

So Liberal culture will ignore the uncomfortable math and thereby miss an opportunity to solve much larger problems and that is ultimately a disservice to people of all colors and ethnicity.

Okay! Pop quiz! Look at the photo below and decide which of the two people in the photo is more likely to be a terrorist in this day and age...


...If you said the lady on the right you would be....WRONG! But you get the Politically Correct award and a kiss from Michael Moore (Yuck)! If you said the fellow on the right then you either read the caption or you just have common sense.

There are other ways our society handicaps itself. After 911 when we were attacked by Muslim men from Middle Eastern extraction, our nation was so worried about appearing unprejudiced, our policy against "racial profiling" trumped even national security concerns. I remember one occasion when my 70 year old grandmother, frail and hair so white it is almost blue, was pulled aside for a detailed search on an airplane trip. This was ironic when you consider the clearly Middle Eastern men immediately behind her walked right through the normal security check without a second look! Unfortunately, this was and is an all too common occurrence. We are so desperate as a nation to not appear racist that we will risk innocent lives. I suppose ‘Muslim Terrorist’ is another profile we Americans are just too polite to pay attention to.

When the Fort Hood tragedy was just revealing itself, Obama was quick to warn that people shouldn’t ‘jump to conclusions’. Well, I for one admit I did. The moment I saw his name: Nidal Malik Hasan - I thought this could at the very least be an informal radical Muslim attack. Then we found out that he had plenty of opportunity to come into contact with radical Muslims and other highly suspicious information. It isn’t racism, it is just common sense. No one should be blamed for suspecting the most probable even if it should turn out that he was simply a coward who took advantage of the tax-funded military for years- until the day he was asked to fulfill his duty overseas.

As I said, some conclusions are apparently socially acceptable to jump to…even for Obama. His administration has supported any directives which claim that the biggest threat to our nation is “Right-Wing Extremists”.The whole thing is like shaking down my poor old grandma while more likely candidates waltz past airport security. The White House will probably be so busy ferreting out nonexistent Right-Wing Extremists that they will a miss the more realistic threats from Islamo-fascists and even folks long associated with radical Left-Wing causes. A recent example would be increasingly militant homosexuals, who suggested on popular gay blogs that gays “form a militia and get our gay rights by raiding the whitehouse(sic) and possibly burning it down or something. … We've got to shoot out a few Govenors (sic) knee caps, kill a few cops, burn down a few churches. We could get it done this year." and "Maybe a bit of well organized terrorism is just what we need, er, I mean 'civil disobedience.'" I suppose everyone is content to accept the generalization that gays are fun-loving people with a knack for interior decoration...

politics,www.diaryofanundergroundconservative.blogspot.comCurt. Bob Unruh

(As far as I know,although the FBI was informed on each occasion there has been no serious investigation into the individuals who made those comments or of the blogs - which I refuse to publicize other than to reprint a screen shot from one of them.But let me jump to this conclusion… Should yours truly, or other ‘Oba-ministration’ critics, ever suggest something similar to was posted on those blogs, it would be a far more serious matter.)

The other 'Angry Mob' you don't hear about

And that is only one of countless examples.

We need to demand that our legislators accept and act upon statistical truths when dealing with crime and 'equality' issues. But before we can do that we need to be able to handle the truth ourselves. We need to be able to ask and answer questions without fear of what the math might ultimately be saying. The Democrats have had a long love affair with Hate Crime and Anti-racial profiling legislation. They can get away with this nonsense because you are too afraid to deal with uncomfortable issues and too willing to accept certain generalizations while ignoring others. At the end of the day, the Left can pat themselves on the back for solving problems - when in truth they haven't done any thing at all.

*Interestingly, many Afro-American liberal scholars most often do NOT dispute the methodology or conclusions here - but blame violent crime by blacks on a "racist white dominated society/power structure". According to them the more the disparity between minority and white crime, the more it proves their point...To others, the crimes themselves are a strike against this power structure. As Eldridge Cleaver the famous Black Panther explained, rape of a white woman has political motivation and intentions.

P.S. Let's see when Bill Curtis will do an investigative report on this Hate Group:

Stay tuned...