December 14, 2009

Going Green?

It’s official...yours truly is ‘going green’...well, at least green from nausea over yet another example of how the elitist Left insults the intelligence of the American people. Sure this Leninist style spin-doctoring has been going on since...well...Lenin - but good God, they are not even being creative anymore!

You know the routine. Whenever the Left is faced with an 'inconvenient truth' (sorry)... they will either destroy the messenger or just shift the focus of an issue all together. This is nothing new. The liberal Media has been using the same tactics since the early American labor movements and throughout the Viet Nam/Civil Rights era. They denied genocide and excess during the Stalin regime - then later applauded the Khrushchev denouncement of genocide and excess during the Stalin regime. They magnified every unfortunate incident that the Contras were involved in - while ignoring the Sandinista caused bloodbaths.

The only gun-toting mobs Liberals like are the violent Marxist rebel variety
peace and fun loving sandinistas

There was, however, a difference between Liberal spin in the past versus today. They used a bit more imagination in those days, and tried to not blatantly insult the intelligence of the average American. They were very careful to not let people see who they really were so that they could still present radicalism as progressiveness.

But that was then.

In the age of Obama, the Media doesn’t even bother to hide who they are. Their man is in the White House...they helped put him there. So I suppose boldness is to be expected - but along with that boldness is either sloppiness in Liberal spin-doctoring or carelessness in concealing Liberal contempt for America.

The media treatment of Climategate is precisely the patronizing foolishness the American people are growing weary of. I am not going to get into the Global Warming debate here, other than to say it is the most preposterous example of politicizing scientific theory. But, even if you do believe in global warming, it is easy to see the foul play regarding the handling of Climategate.

( Defining terms : I use the phrase "pro-global warming" to indicate those who believe that global warming is a man-made disaster which threatens to doom the planet, etc. I use the phrase "anti-warming" to indicate skeptics of the human element in global warming, the undecided, etc. Semantically imprecise -maybe - but much easier for me.)

In November, hacked emails are brought to light which, as the London Telegraph writer James Delingpole summarized, revealed pro-global warming scientists, "manipulated or suppressed evidence in order to support their cause." Worse still, the emails showed an effort to discredit and silence scientists who doubted the man-made warming theory or were skeptical of the data.

U of East Anglia: the science bad- the parties worse!

Where did these emails originate? That would be from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit- one of the key global warming research centers- who’s research and data is used as source material for organizations all over the world.

Since the birth of the global warming story, which was just after the "Ice Age" scare of the 1970's, the very unscientific practices exposed by the emails are not surprising. Now we had proof in black and white of what is believed to be the tip of the melting iceberg :). To Conservatives and Libertarians alike, the emails were proof that there needs to be more research and a fair debate before instituting all types of new government regulations, restrictions, and crippling taxes.

This should have been HUGE mainstream news considering that the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen was kicking off. The United States and other developed nations would be pledging billions and billions of their citizens tax dollars - to stop the temperature of the Earth from changing. One would think that if there was any chance that the data - being used to justify such extreme measures and ambitious goals - was corrupted or compromised, our benevolent leaders would at least consider the implications of the emails and the conduct of these scientist.

They didn’t.

Copenhagen: hey, spending your money is hard work sometimes!

What they did consider was political careers, and most importantly, the money. With such a revolutionary way to control the private sector and a new source of tax dollars, they surely weren’t going to let any revelations stop them - let alone these emails. And what our benevolent leaders did do was count on their liberal allies in the mainstream media to put things into "perspective" for us.

They did, sort of.

Copenhagen would dominate the headlines and nearly all of the analysis and reporting of the Climategate emails - if critical of global warming - was relegated to the editorial pages or the non-mainstream press. Why would the media not at least cover the ‘point of fact’ story here- bad scientific practices and dishonesty - and then let people make up their own minds about the larger debate and Copenhagen? Because letting people make up there own minds is the last thing the liberal media or politicians want.

Here is how the mainstream media put Climategate into perspective for us:

* Acquiring and publishing the emails was just a "smear campaign", according to Reuters, when they published an article by a pro-global warming spokesperson. The smear defense, though weak, started popping up every where. Well, I am sorry this makes you look bad - but it does not change what the emails said.This is the equivalent to calling the evidence against Bernard Madoff a "smear campaign". Other than that, it is difficult to even give this smoke screen much thought.

* One absurd bait and switch job was a Guardian story via the Huffington Post about the Climategate scientists allegedly receiving death threats....of course they could offer no further proof or information because it was "under investigation". Then why print the death threat story at all? Why not wait until there is actually a verifiable story here? I suppose they think that we will feel sorry enough for these scientists to forget the whole little "data deception-thingy".

The media seems to like this tactic because, like the "smear" stories, there are several articles floating around now about pro -global warming scientists being verbally "assaulted" and "abused". Poor babies:( Calling pro-global warming scientists "names" is news worthy I suppose. (I don’t recall any news stories about the many incidents of abuse suffered by skeptical scientists over the years...)

* Since the Left has never had any qualms about destroying peoples lives, their favorite weapon is to "kill the messenger". Although still unidentified, news stories demanded to know just who these "earth-hating", evil hackers were and what their motivation was(hm..the truth perhaps?) Honestly, why should it matter? It won't change the facts! This is reminiscent of the Joe the Plumber nonsense: Ask a good question and the Liberal media will make you pay for it. When the ACORN videos came out: Expose us and we will make you pay for it. (Blatant corruption is not supposed to be wrong anymore - when they told you that the investigators were "right-wingers"). Do they really think we are so stupid as to ignore the truth because of who exposed the scientists?

* To the Media, the timing of the emails release was supposed to be more important to you than their content or implications. Because the emails surfaced just prior to Copenhagen, this was clear proof of a plot to "derail the conference". Okay. Maybe. But does it make what these scientist did acceptable? Do they really think that we are all so stupid as to ignore the truth because of when the emails were surfaced?

Perhaps the Copenhagen summit should have been 'derailed'. And the fact that the emails did nothing to affect the conference is poetic in itself. It demonstrates how, even when faced with a serious challenge to their information, the Obama administration doesn’t give a damn about anything except its own agenda.


* Adding insult to absurdity, the media did it’s best to personify pro-global warming in the person of Al Gore, and to some extent Obama, and anti-warming in the person of Sarah Palin. So Climategate was somehow boiled down to GORE v.PALIN. Okay, a bit more creative...but still transparent. Yes, the advantage to this tactic is that the liberal character assassination wheels have already been grinding Palin down for two years. But, this may end up being a miscalculation on the part of the Left.

For one, the American people just don’t hate Palin as much as the Liberal media does, regardless of what they might want folks to believe. Two, the public is getting tired of the incessant bashing of this woman and her all-too-normal family (by the supposedly non-judgmental Left). As Obama’s reign is turning out to be more and more of a dud, even once critical people are starting to reconsider Sarah Palin altogether. And thirdly, do they really think that we are so stupid that we will ignore the truth regardless of who’s faces they attach to the global warming issue?!

Perhaps something needs to be done about "pit warming"?
politics,global warming,Left-wing media,liberalism,,Al Gore

Incidentally, Al Gore’s* rebuttal to Climategate was, "Well what do they think is causing global warming then?" If I may answer Al...according to these emails, global warming is caused by the imagination of your scientists and the delete key on their computers...but I digress.

I could continue with more insulting examples of how the media is handling the Climategate scandal. But really, it boils down to the question I asked over and over: Do they really think we are this stupid? Well, the answer is yes...yes they do.

The mainstream media, smug with their domination of both medium and content, think that average America is comprised of nothing but a slew of uncultured, simpletons who cling to their "guns" and "bibles". And I have news for you middle-of-the-road Democrats... they include you in this slew. This is also exactly what the Liberal political elite think too. If not, then how else can you explain the media treatment of Climategate and its disregard by the Obama Administration?

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Climategate stories are withering away but Americans are tired of getting jerked around and, although slow to react, they are not going to take it forever...When you consider recent polls show half of Americans don't believe in global warming, resentment over Copenhagen is building. I’m just curious to see if any rank and file liberals have the courage to stand up and call out the elites on their insults. Will they sit quite and watch more character assassination, issue shifting, and ridicule? Will they sit quite because the ends justify the means? If history is any guide, we unfortunately know the answer to that one...

*Read more about climategate and Al Gores reaction here: Al Gore falsifies the record

#Read more about climategate from the brilliant James Delingpole here.

stay tuned....