July 26, 2010

The Baby with the Bathwater

Difficult times, like middle age, often cause one to reflect on their life. These are certainly difficult times, and I am, just as certainly, standing out on that damnable precipice of middle age. At this point, my reflections have less to do with warm nostalgia than wondering just what the hell I did with all my time. So far, the answer to that question has eluded me - but I do recall associating with a supposedly diverse crowd. There were lots of musicians, artists, an aspiring filmmaker or two, a few writers, maybe an occasional person with a ‘real’ job (and many more without).

When I consider what it was that we all had in common, certain values and attitudes come to mind. Most of my peers prided themselves on maintaining an 'outsider' status. I liked that. We also shared a passion for individualism. We were tolerant (although I’m learning that may have been a fa├žade for many). We were disgusted with hypocrisy. We admired those who went ‘against the grain’ and had contempt for convention in both art and life.

While no one would have labeled themselves part of any cultural movement - we did have a kind of ‘punk rock’ ethos. I had always understood those values to be the belief in free self-expression and the perpetual questioning of authority. While the 'hippie' thing was centered on communality, this was based on individuality. In retrospect, there was actually a lot of good in our youthful ideology.

But then something happened. We got older. We may have had a child - or four… and we all had to make our separate peace with “Society”. I certainly stand accused of this, but few people are the same at 35 as they were at 25. The tragedy is, however, many of my peers have discarded what was actually good about the beliefs of our youth.

The current political and economic crisis in America has really made this tragedy all the more apparent. Many of my friends and associates, who should have been immune to manipulation ‘from above’, seem to have fallen for the Obama illusion. Forget the nitty gritty of politics – anything with the flash and glitz of the Obama campaign would have prompted profuse vomiting from all of them in the past.

The universal acceptance of Obama by the media should have been warning enough, let alone the slick demagoguery. Now, many support an establishment which is far more the polar opposite of our ‘punk rock’ ideology than any conservative politician like Rand Paul. Conscious of it or not, they have accepted new rules which mock diversity, individuality, and especially commonsense.

The rules seem to be like this:

1) Do not “kill” your television! The Mainstream Media, once suspect, is now to be trusted. The majority of the news and entertainment media openly supports the Obama Regime without question. Alternative news sources - one network news channel, a few satellite channels, and a couple of AM radio programs – should be avoided.

2) Protest and dissension is neither acceptable nor patriotic as of January 20, 2009.
The establishment is the good guy. The anti - establishment should be deemed obstructionist, if not racist, or tools of phantom corporate interests.
(Now, it would seem, invisible forces control the people and not the government!)

3) War is no longer immoral or evil. As long as the president in office is a liberal, war protesting should cease… until a Republican is back in office, of course.

4) Learning about, referring to, or discussing the Constitution are endeavors which should be mocked.
If Bill Maher or Jon Stewart mocks it – so should we. The mass of Americans should be considered sheeple – however, they should also be criticized for trying to change this condition (especially if they draw conclusions which differ from liberal orthodoxy).

5) Civil libertarians should no longer be concerned with, nor argue against, the expansion of Executive Branch powers – so long as a Democrat is in office. The Patriot Act and other constitutionally sketchy laws are no longer relevant threats.
6) In regards to entertainment, the “bad guy” shall now be typecast as anti-government zealots as opposed to government groups such as the Department of Homeland Security. Remember how, during the Bush era, the Feds were constantly foiling justice in shows like Law and Order and CSI? Watch militia, survivalist, and other anti - fed stereotypes become the "bad guy". And Islamic terrorists are completely off limits - it upsets them.

7) Grassroots (regular people) political movements should be scorned - unless, of course, they have approval of the liberal Hollywood elite and other non-regular people. This is another example of how the invisible forces of evil, who, until Obama, supposedly controlled the government, are now supposedly controlling the anti - government movements! You know that old lady at the town-hall meeting concerned about her grandchild's future? She's clearly a tool of the corporate oppressors!

8) We will put our narrow interest above the good of the nation. Public school teachers, for instance, supports whomever puts more taxpayer money in their pocket, the aspiring bureaucrat supports whomever promises a cushy government job, and an African - American casts a vote for a candidate “just because he’s black”… and all is hunky dory.

9) Our politics are now thoroughly in agreement with people we previously despised as “sell-outs” or mainstream hacks such as Barbara Streisand or Madonna.

10) Although we decry consumption and large corporations, we gladly consume the best American enterprise has to offer: we buy computers, video game machines, use Blackberries, Droids, and all the latest in telecommunications; we enjoy plane trips, use fossil fuels, and petroleum products; we drive Japanese cars with “Save the Whales” bumper stickers.

Tax dollars at work buying Chuck Rangel a nice place to kick back and hide assets from the IRS
11) We don’t fear the redistribution of wealth (so long as it isn't ours). Our Vice President Biden even claimed that ‘paying taxes was patriotic’. Yet we use accountants to find tax loopholes, we hide income from the Government, and the wealthiest among us even shelter money offshore. Worst of all, we do not expect our own lawmakers and officials to redistribute their own income (ie. Tom Daschle, Charles Rangel, Tim Geitner).

12) Individuality is no longer sacrosanct. Rather than protecting the rights of individuals in society, we support laws based on racial identity and sexual orientation. The use of discrimination to end discrimination is acceptable. (Perceived) social justice now takes precedent over individual liberty. We feel the need for a "Nanny State" to help decide what is best for us.

So, there you have it – just a few of the rules to which many of my friends and peers have acquiesced in this Age of Obama. Perhaps if they had not professed such radically different values all those years ago, I would not be so utterly surprised. By discarding the reasonable and worthwhile beliefs we held in our younger days – it seems many have gotten older but not necessarily wiser…

Stay tuned. Get radical (again).

May 27, 2010

Sending Liberals to Their Happy Place

I promised my readers I would cover this topic as part of my recent entries about American Liberalism and here it is:

I have learned that conversing with a liberal is a fairly predictable event. Though they rarely admit to being Socialists (the Marxist variety), the subtext of their argument is always the belief that socialism is the answer to America's problems. My argument against socialism is equally predictable: The laboratory of history has shown this experiment to have the same failed and tragic result - under a variety of circumstances. Even in our own country, is it not the socialistic programs which are perpetually broken and hemorrhaging tax money with little result?

At this point liberals will usually retort that it is America's 'lack of commitment to socio-economic justice (meaning socialism)' which is to blame for its less than desirable condition. They believe that 'if only taxpayers and industry were made to give more' or 'if the right person (like Obama) was allowed to lead the nation without impediment' then things would be different. To which I respond: It is in those very nations, whose leadership had total commitment to socialism and devoted all political energies towards those ends, where history's most gruesome atrocities occurred. Even with all of the means of the nation mobilized and effective opposition neutralized - Socialism still ultimately failed.

so long sucker

While there are still some examples of committed socialist nations, such as North Korea or Cuba, their oppressive governments and miserable standard of living do not make for an attractive model of something better than life in America. And a nation like China, which has survived by implementing reform in such a way as to create a type of 'vulgar' socialism and capitalism, is hardly an alternative either.

So what is a liberal to say?

They inevitably respond, "That is not our socialism. Our socialism is the successful one we see in Europe. I read a study by _______ that ________ is one of the best places to live in the world! They have Socialism."

This, my friends, is their proverbial ace-in-the hole. This is the one pillar on which rank and file liberals stand and behind which neo-marxists shield themselves.

And there could not be a weaker defense of Socialism than this.

Apples and Oranges

The conclusion that the people of Europe are "happier" or "better off" than we are - as a direct result of their incorporation of socialism - requires one to make multiple leaps of faith and logic. Furthermore, assuming we can accept the validity of dubious studies, which claim to measure often subjective things, to accept that European models can be applied to the United States is equally far fetched. Let me show you:


Consider Norway, a Scandinavian nation often lionized by American liberals. This constitutional monarchy (that's right - a monarchy) has a total population numbering little more than half of New York City. In fact, with a population of only 4,676,305 Norwegians, you could fit their population into the United States 66 times over! With what childlike simplicity do liberals think that the same bureaucracy that administers the heath care system in Norway could function in the same manner, or even remotely resemble itself, in our nation of over 310 million?

Consider that there are, according to some figures, three times the number of Illegal immigrants in the United States than the total number of people in Norway. The number of illegal immigrants entering into Norway is by comparison a statistical zero. Could this be a factor in the perceived happiness in that country? Could it be the reason social programs allegedly work there?

There are also extreme cultural differences between the United States and Norway. This country, like others liberals love, is striking in its utter lack of diversity. This is a country of 94% Norwegians... meaning white people. This is also a country where 85.7% of the population are members of the Church of Norway (Lutheranism). Catholics are 1% and Jews are statistically non-existent. I am not condemning Norway - there are reasons why they are this way - but that is not how America is, and it creates consequences for both nations.

Should I continue with other incongruities such as international financial and humanitarian commitments, we would be here all day...

So, this is the liberal Mecca? A country of nearly all one race and religion, the approximate population size of Alabama. Could it be proven that their socialism is anymore responsible for their supposed happiness than say cultural, traditional, or even genetic factors?

Post War Europe

The sacred cow of liberals continues to implode when one considers general European history. American liberals cannot point to a long tradition of European socialism. The first half of the twentieth century was marked by chaos and destruction from two World Wars (the last involving two major socialist regimes). In 1945, devastated Europe had nowhere to go but up. Then, Europe had the benefit of the Marshall Plan (American money) and the Cold War (more American money). The key here is that any serious study of European style socialism is bound to be sharply skewed.

That is not to say that Socialism thus far is even worth the price that Europe's citizens pay. The fact remains that the people are taxed heavily to provide for priorities decided upon by a comparative few. Our example nation of Norway is the 5th most expensive country in which to live. It is interesting to note that as many European nations become increasingly diverse, there is growing dissatisfaction with socialist policies by citizens. France is an excellent example of this trend. Today, we are watching a growing economic crisis where many European nations are paying the price for their social entitlements. Greece being a prime example (unfortunately for us, the American taxpayer via the IMF will prop up their socialism).

And finally, the type of socialism that American liberals are so enamored with is in fact a type of National Socialism. The socialism in Europe is defined and confined by their respective nation-states; the elements of socialism in each country are subject to the unique characteristics of each country. There is no class solidarity across borders, brotherhood of the proletariat, or any such nonsense. This brings up all kinds of complications, not the least of which is the fact that liberals are supposedly against nationalism.

Ultimately, none of this matters. Most liberals won't listen to more than a few of these points before they get that glassy stare. It's a stare that says, "Don't confuse me with your facts. I am going to my happy place now..." The fact that liberals have been using this argument, weak as it may be, for so long is actually a good thing... it makes my job easy - if not predictable.

Note: You can find the statistics I use in several places. A user-friendly website is: The CIA World Factbook. My number of illegal immigrants in the US come from a report by the Pew Hispanic Center, a non-partisan research organization. Let it be known, I love Norway and its people - horned Vikings hats, fjords, and all.


May 20, 2010

I was wrong?

I am not above admitting when I am wrong- and I was wrong. Well, maybe more fooled than wrong...Okay, I was wrong to be fooled. Regardless, I usually try to avoid regional and local issues in my blogs, but in order to come clean, I must briefly stray from my modus operandi. So with out further ado... my "mea culpa":

I once supported Florida's Governor Charlie Crist.


Halfhearted as my support was, I thought I saw enough in Crist to give him a chance - and my vote. He seemed to be at least a young, sharp, and energetic Republican. He wasn't exactly conservative... he was the typical middle-of-the-road 'McCain-type' Republican... but mostly he was the lesser of two evils (running against Jim Davis, endorsed by then Illinois Senator Barack Obama).

There were warning signs which I won't recount here, but sufficed to say, they predictably ended with Crist switching to the Independent 'unparty' (you know, like an 'unbirthday') just weeks ago. His departure from the Republican party was seen by many as an act of political self-preservation... whatever. He received votes and money from Floridians by promising to uphold certain values and govern in a certain manner. Crist failed on both promises.


In my estimation, he is exactly what was wrong with the Republican politicians these past few years. He threw his conservative constituents enough bones to satisfy them and then promptly threw us under the bus on important issues. We - Conservatives - were used to that kind of measured disappointment, weren't we? We could at least take solace in the fact that the only thing worse than a "big government Republican" is a Democrat. The difference being the latter has compromised small government and free market ideals while the other one never had them at all.

The fact is that I... we... conservatives, had come to expect little from our own politicians. We tolerated far too much Progressiveness- and the election of Crist was just as much proof of this as the candidacy of John McCain.The 'lesser of two evils' theory may be pragmatic but it still is wrong. We allowed the party to make electability a priority over conservative values and paid in spades for it.

As the Obama Regime grinds on, it seems that Conservatism may be coming to terms with its own complacency, particularly in regards to the shenanigans of the Republican party. The end of 'big government' Republicans may hopefully be at hand and perhaps the party will be a home for conservatives again. And while America is quickly getting on board, the only sad thing about ship-jumpers like Specter and Crist is that we tolerated them for so long...


May 19, 2010

The Great Divide(r)

It was not too long ago that candidate Obama spoke with great concern about the unnecessary partisanship and unproductive bickering in Washington. He used words like "healing", "unity", and "working together". The story was that George Bush had divided this country, and when elected, Obama would be charged with unifying this great nation... Remember?

In my thirty seven years of life, I have never before witnessed the kind of divisiveness we have in America today. I make it a point to get out and speak with as many people as I can from all walks of life. Quite simply, people are angry. They feel they are worse off today than they were prior to January, 20 2009. I have personally witnessed people who have never mentioned politics before in pitch battles with co-workers and neighbors. In my own life, there have been sad episodes where politics has gotten in the way of continuing friendships - something I have never experienced before.


History tells us the sixties were rough and maybe so... but to quote a wiseguy on the Sopranos, "We stand... on the precipice... of a crossroads" (Say it with a NY accent and it is double plus good).

Anyways, during my drive home this evening I started making a quick mental list of how president Obama and his Regime has, in a staggeringly short time, divided this nation. See if you can add a few I have missed...

Let's start with the first and most obvious folks alienated:

Libertarians, Republicans of all varieties (both conservative and centrist), Constitutionalists, conservative and religious blacks, people who believe in the right to bear arms (with or without bibles), and the millions of Limbaugh, Beck, and other talk radio fans.

Then we have:

The mentally challenged and their parents, policemen and women (did he ever have that beer over the Gates affair?), survivalists and homesteaders, white male construction workers (No Stimulus for you!), the military and veterans, the entire city of Las Vegas, and now the state of Arizona.


Against expectation, the Regime moving sharply leftward has alienated:

Reagan, Blue dog, and Southern Democrats (ie. fiscally and/or socially conservative Dems.) who are voting for non-Democrats and leaving the party en masse. Many of them echoing the classic Reagan line: "I didn't leave the Democratic party, the party left me!"

Humorously enough Obama has managed to upset:

Both the Anti-war camp and those who support the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (in case you forgot- there is still a war going on), people who are both for and against offshore oil drilling, and LEGAL immigrants who have to jump through hoops to do the right thing.

And under the Obama watch:

Los Angeles and San Francisco are threatening to boycott the State of Arizona... imagine cities bickering with states! Somehow, the Regime has made being Hispanic and being an illegal immigrant one-in-the-same thereby pitting general Hispanic groups against non-Hispanic Americans. Racial tensions between white and black have risen to new heights as criticism of Obama is labeled racism. The regime has done nothing to dispel those charges nor have they criticized the escalating use of the "Race Card" by surrogates.

As a direct result of Obama's actions:

We experienced the 'Town Hall' phenomenon where normally docile citizens voiced their frustrations and were labeled an "angry mob" by Obama's surrogates for their troubles. We saw the birth of the Birthers, heard oaths from the Oathkeepers, as well as the formation of the grassroots Tea Party movement - which is made up of a cross-section of Americans from different political parties. The lackey media has been alienating itself from these and other Americans by heaping abuse and humiliation on those who dare organize and speak up in opposition to the Obama Regime.

What has Obama done to ease any of these tensions or to address concerns?

Still pulling for Obama and his regime:

Socialists, Communists, the Hollywood A and B lists, illegal immigrants, black people who support Obama only because he says he is black, the mainstream media, the entire nation of Kenya, chronic welfare abusers, federal bureaucrats, Hugo Chavez, tax cheats, and most recently artist and musician types (who can now spend their extra cash on dope and quit their day jobs! See the clip below).

Now that I think about it, perhaps Obama is a force for unification. His presidency and Regime have caused groups, normally at odds with each other, to build bridges - albeit in opposition to him. He has energized average Americans to form grassroots movements and speak up - albeit against his policies. He has single-handedly done more to inspire folks to learn about the Constitution - albeit out of fear of the Regime's intentions.

Of all these unintended consequences, perhaps the most galling to the Democrats is the flight of moderate and conservative elements from their own party and a growing anti-incumbency sentiment - all at a time Democrats hold a majority and - all consequences of their handpicked golden boy in action. You have to love that!

Keep up the good work Obama... soon enough we will all be Libertarians and Conservatives.

April 24, 2010

American Liberals and Neo-Nazis: Intention is the Mother of Atrocity

When society sees spectacles such as the recent Neo-Nazi protests on the city hall lawn in Los Angeles, they understandably recoil in horror. Society is shocked and appalled because this is a group who's values are repugnant to most Americans. Instantly people connect the imagery used by the Neo-Nazis... the swastika...the jackboots...with a very dark chapter in human history. Most importantly, people make the moral connection between these protesters core philosophy and the Third Reich. They invariably represent totalitarianism... they represent death.

Few people are willing to be a part of that kind of ideology. Sam the Skinhead has to carry around the "perception-burden" of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, and ultimately the Holocaust. Those associations are precisely what makes Neo-Nazis so threatening to Americans - more so than even their actual ideology - which from my research is undefined from group to group. The thinking is: We know what people like these are capable of; History is our guide.

Is it always?

Behold the American Liberal. Somehow, they have found a way to divorce themselves from the atrocities that their core philosophy has caused. It is a philosophy whose end result, has been totalitarianism and death on a scale that Adolph Hitler couldn't have believed possible with his Final Solution. That core philosophy -if you didn't know- which Bolsheviks, Maoists, American Liberals, Progressives, and others all have in common is: Marxism. The times and places may change - but Marxism is like the mitochondrial DNA.

In America, we openly have proud "Socialists" and "Liberals". They were no more present at the Killing Fields of Cambodia than these California Skinheads were present at Auschwitz - yet just as morally culpable. In many cases, some American Liberals are in fact more culpable than any rank and file Neo-Nazi in terms of collective guilt for the results of their chosen philosophy.

This philosophy has outlived Nazism by six decades and counting. It has a estimated body count of at least 80 million souls ( some estimates exceed 100 million - but we may never know). These victims were not men, women and children who died as casualties of war but were exterminated because of who they were (or thought to be). This is a number set against the calculated genocide of the Nazis Final Solution. In just two examples, the 1937-38 "Great Purge" which 'liquidated' 690,000 people and 1932-33 genocide which 'liquidated' 4 million Ukrainians and 2 million Southern Russians, we already have eclipsed the Nazi Holocaust before it was ever even conceived.

In one of history's sick jokes - the Soviets sit as judges at NurembergPhotobucket

There have been attempts to explain away a connection between the past Marxist-inspired horrors and American Liberals - but all have fallen flat. Their defense has been based on ethnocentrism (we would do it better), historical supposition (if only Trotsky had succeeded Lenin), or simple denial (isn't the Khmer Rouge a type of make-up?). Liberals have even attempted name changes like "The New Left", in an attempt to put distance between themselves and their brethren- the only problem being that Socialist atrocities continued post-Stalin and in Africa, Central America, and Asia had yet to reach their apex.

California Democrat Maxine Waters Proudly Sputters Out the Plan

So now we get to the crux of the issue. Why do we as a society openly scorn one evil system while tolerating another? Do we as a society have room in our moral consciousness for only one 'bad guy' no matter how evil and rotten others may be? What is the difference?

The answer is simple: Intention. Marxism sells equality and utopia for all. Nazism sells the superiority of a particular race and utopia for a selected group. One is inclusive and the other exclusive. Both believe in command economies and a subservient market. Both lead to death and destruction. One, however, was beaten and destroyed on May 8, 1945. The other continues to exist in some wretched form or another.

Liberals sell intentions which are easy for people to grasp and morally innocuous. Just like the song, "Imagine", they sell a vision for the world that is hard to argue with...except of course for the fact that the pursuit of it has caused more misery and death than any other system ever conceived- including Nazism. When one cloaks their actions in the mantle of equality and tolerance, people are afraid to question them - even if it is clearly a rouse to hide ones own thirst for power and other base desires. It is brilliantly evil.


Selling "intentions" is precisely what American Liberals do. They cannot sell "methods" because they have none which have ever worked. They cannot point to past success here in America because every Marxist-inspired program is considered unsustainable and "broken". They most certainly cannot point to past successes in the rest of the world lest people become aware of the horrific consequences which are the reality. (Some will inevitably point towards western European socialism as a model of success - but this is the easiest precept to debunk and I do so here: Sending Liberals to their happy place.)

Liberals have gotten a pass simply because of their supposed intentions...Hope...Change...all intangibles which cannot in themselves be argued against...Feed the Children...Health Care for All. If history has taught us anything it is that: Marxism and Socialism cannot attain these things. In fact, the history of Marxism in practice has taught us that: Intention is the mother of all atrocity.

Worldwide the Left have used their grand intentions to excuse every manner of barbarity, destruction, and genocide. They don't feel they should ever have to account for anything because they intend a better- more just and equitable world for all. American Liberals have the gall to claim some moral high ground and to be a foil to Neo-Nazis and other despotic movements. If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black...

So the next time you see a news report or article about Neo-Nazis protesting some place or another, ask yourself why there isn't a crowd shouting down the clown wearing a Che Guevara or hammer and sickle shirt in the counter-protest. The very fact that nobody does shout them down, or that we have politicians who proudly call themselves Liberals and Socialists, is a testament to just how insidious and successful the American Left has become. They are the ones who are in power - not some bald-headed kids with anger issues.

Stay Tuned, Friends!

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Stay tuned....

April 12, 2010

The Mayor's Gift of "Free"

My first epic political poem about a kingdom and their new 'mayor of the palace'. Enjoy.

Not so long ago,
and not so very far
A kingdom unlike any other stood
and shone as if a star

Invention and innovation,
freedom from tyranny,
the mayors could only rule as long
as the sum of years: one plus three

No, things were not always good
but life was far from bad
though some had forgotten it,
they had more than other Kingdoms had

Now in this place there lived two groups
who held their sway at Court
elected to manage many things
and to the people they'd report

First there were the '
who thought that
they knew best
'Intentions' were what mattered most
though they rarely found success

Next there were the '
prudent and profound,
but unable to communicate
their plans would run aground

Outside of Court lived all the rest,
people of all kinds
Once frugal and independent,
but growing lazy over time

So busy collecting pleasurable things,
they ignored the events at Court
In turn their children took little time
to understand management's report

One day a man with glowing eyes
from the ranks of
said, "Let me be your Mayor,
and I will change this useless Court!"

The people cheered, it sounded good
he seemed a special man
While the
Impotates looked befuddled
sitting on their hands

Dazzled and nearly dizzy
the people crowned him like a King
hoping they could quickly return
to collecting their pleasurable things

But the Mayor had a plan
to make himself beloved
a plan that busy people thought
would come from Him above

He strutted out one lovely day
on the Courts broad balcony
And shouted to all the people below
"I will give you free electricity!"

Pediwarts cried tears of joy
"Dear people, is He not grand?"
Again, the
Impotates sat
firmly on their hands

Many folks were not so sure
some even were aghast
They had heard of schemes like this
destroying kingdoms in the past

One came up from the crowd
asking if it was true
and, "who will pay for such a thing?"
"Well...someone richer than you!"

"And what of those kingdoms,
destroyed in the past?"
"Fables, good people, fables!
Our kingdom will surely last!"

Poor folks were taxed but little
and indeed the lights seemed free
Others paid a little more
because they had the means

Day and night people used their lights
they had no bills to fear
they used as much as they saw fit
double from prior years

Electric plants could not keep up
demand had grown too large
So the Mayor said "To certain things,
we add a wee surcharge"

So plants were built called Kingdom Co.
and though they came on line
they only could keep up with things
for a certain time

Pediwarts now quite pleased
asked, "If electricity is a right...
then why not water? clothes? or cars?
All basic things for life!"

The Mayor decreed, it came pass,
and dissenters were shouted down
"How dare you question free things for all!"
Impotates made no sound

The money to get all these things
was difficult to acquire
so new taxes were created
with reasons quite inspired

So many things now called "free"
enough money could not come in
the ranks of those once 'of means'
now had grown quite thin

The poor would have to pay their share
and laws were put on walls:
six hours of light was now the max
and clothes- one size for all

A car would have to last ten years
and water - one litter per day
The best chance for the food you want-
is to be in line by eight

Of course the Mayor and his friends
lived by different rules,
Pediwarts stood in no lines
and had the pick of food

In a kingdom once so shinning bright
on a course they had embarked...

a once proud people sat wearing rags
for eighteen hours in the dark

The end.

stay tuned....

April 8, 2010

Liberals' Dirty Little Secret

Merriam-Webster defines ethnocentric as "characterized by or based on the attitude that one's own group is superior." I can find no better term to describe liberals in America today. But not in the way you might think...

That liberals wholeheartedly believe their own political group to be superior is no revelation - one could level the same charge at us centrists and conservatives. The dirty little secret of liberals is, however, that the group they deem superior is none other than - Americans! And not just Americans, but specifically the white, Anglo-Saxon, protestant variety!

I are asking how it's possible that liberals, the very same group which equates even casual patriotism with nationalism, could actually believe Americans to be a superior people.How is it possible that liberals, who invented racial witch-hunting, are unrepentant WASPs? But if one looks closely at liberals in the age of Obama the answer is clear.

We all know that liberals fancy themselves intellectuals - although I am not sure how being a 'lit' or art major enables one to clearly assess political and economic theory. Then again, being clueless has never stopped actors, musicians, or other entertainment types from blabbering on about leftist theology. So let's give them the benefit of the doubt: Liberals are smart - much smarter than the rest of us.

(I will give you a moment for the nausea to subside.)

Now that we have that out of the way, let us see how our 'intellectual' progressive friends are harboring secret thoughts of American superiority.

Certainly American Liberals know that since "Communism" was never achieved, or achievable for that matter, what we have instead are examples of Socialist nations of varying races and cultures.

Stalin was the progressive's progressive

Certainly educated liberals know about the carnage and suffering caused by socialist regimes worldwide: Ceausescu in Romania, Lenin and Stalin in Russia, Kim Il Sung in Korea, Mengistu in Ethiopia, Neto in Angola, Najibullah in Afghanistan, Mao in China, Pol Pot in Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh in Viet Nam, and many others...

Over a decade before the "holocaust", untold millions died in search of Socialism.

Certainly they know that worldwide consensus puts the death toll of the quest for a socialist 'paradise' at nearly a 100 million people in less than a century - an unparalleled crime against humanity. Even if one was to combine every alleged abuse by the United States since its founding, it could not approach the atrocities wrought by the Left since 1918.

Certainly Liberals know that no matter what type of propaganda, cajoling, or force, was used that few of any elements of past socialist system were efficient, viable, or able to fulfill its intended purpose. They know, that in reality, the standard of living was miserable for the masses in the "Socialist Republics" and under no other system have "workers" suffered so much.

Liberals: Dead Cambodians mean nothing to us.

Certainly they know that Socialism was never a popular moment in any of the countries it existed in to any degree. It was, however, forced upon the people by comparatively small violent groups. They know that nearly all of the Eastern European nations, devastated by World War Two, had their socialist governments foisted upon them by the Soviet Union (with the complicity of Franklin Roosevelt and his immediate successors).

Certainly American Liberals know it was popular movements which helped free people from state socialism. In an ironic twist, it was often labor unions (ie. the workers) and students which were on the front lines against the socialist dictatorships. And none of the countries have reverted back to their former systems regardless of the difficulties they now face. They know that these people value their freedom far more than any of the supposed benefits of Socialism.

Certainly they know that life is miserable in the countries still living under Socialist regimes. One has only to compare their standard of living with ours, or ask a Cuban why he risks his life to cross the ocean on a raft, or study the fate of Tibetans and the destruction of their culture.

Socialism was a plague Africa wished had never come.

So how do American Liberals justify their eagerness for socialism with so much recent historical proof of its ineffectiveness and bloodshed? Since we assume they know all of these things, then one can only conclude that liberals think that somehow "Americans will do it differently...Americans will do it better!"

To American Liberals, all of those examples of failed state socialism are nations of Slavic peoples, Asians, black Africans, Magyars, Hispanics, and other 'inferior' peoples. We can only conclude that, since the vanguard of American liberalism is made of moderately wealthy, Anglo- Saxon descended whites, that they honestly believe that they can do what no others have been able to do - make Socialism work.

It is either stupidity...or ethnocentric bravado.

What else could it be? If you observed a line of a hundred people who, one by one went into a dark room, only to come out one by one, beaten and bloody, what could one concluded? One should think that whatever was happening in there was bad. Yet in this case, liberals think that there must be something wrong with all the people who have gone in! Or perhaps it was the way they went in that was wrong!

This logic would be acceptable if we had only a few isolated examples. Yet what is a better warning against adopting a philosophy that has failed in so many different cultures and circumstances? Would it not be wise to learn from the experience of others?

Will the these victims lost lives be in vain?

(And the worst part? The fact that each socialistic element which has been adopted by America, itself, has failed. So, not only are Liberals ethnocentric... they are blind to their own failures.)

Let me leave you with words from a Russian blogger (someone who knows a lot more about socialism than any Berkeley graduate) named Stanislav Mishin: "...the American decent into Marxism is happening with breath taking speed, against the back drop of a passive, hapless sheeple...Prime Minister Putin, less than two months ago, warned Obama...not to follow the path to Marxism, it leads only to disaster. Apparently, even though we suffered 70 years of this Western sponsored horror show, we know nothing, as foolish, drunken Russians, so let our "wise" Anglo-Saxon fools find out the folly of their own pride..."


Friends, I really hope it does not get to that.

stay tuned...I am just getting warmed up!


March 16, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in! After forcing myself to watch the Blair Bitch Project, where Obama was able to hone his favorite facial expressions of arrogance and condescension, I decided to take a little breather from politics. I even started outlining a idea for a story... fiction no less! But it was my six year old, bless her heart, who prompted this Diary entry.

My daughters concept of politics revolves almost entirely around the Chipettes and their interactions with the Chipmunks. Along with Littlest Pet Shop and ponies with rainbow hair, childhood's ignorant bliss is just fine with me - there is a whole lifetime of 'reality' ahead of her and there is no need to rush. Recently, I had one of those proud-parent moments: my daughter made the transition from training wheels to two wheels. She was able to catch on so quickly that I was able to avoid a major asthmatic-collapse and having her riding - two wheeled - around my corpse.

I should have quit smoking long ago

But I had an even prouder moment which nearly brought a tear to my eye and will not soon be forgotten. My daughter, who's world consists of fairies and angels, looked me in the eye the other day and with a perplexed look asked me: "Daddy...if skin color doesn't there a Black History month but no white history month?"

Even at six years of age, my daughter was able to recognize an event (if you want to call it one) which was counter to what she has always been taught at home and supposedly at school. From an early age, I was careful to instill in her the importance of character over anything else including race or ethnicity. I am careful to teach her respect for all cultures along with pride in her own - two concepts which are absolutely compatible - except in the mind of racists and those ignorant or ashamed of their own cultures.

Naturally, I wanted to give her an answer to her question. I wanted to tell her that there are those who, illogically and ironically, feel that they need to tear Black history out of the greater lexicon of American history. They seek inclusion by separation rather than understanding that the history of black, white, red and yellow, in America, is precisely what comprises American history. Their way is akin to holding a sign with one hand stating: End Segregation... while building an all-black school with the other.

not exactly the best neighbors...
Not the Ideal Neighbors...

All of that would probably be too complex for a child, so instead I answered her with a question: "Well, why do you think they have a Black history month?" She thought for a moment and said, "I don't know, Daddy... I will have to think about that." Good enough for me... Even asking this question shows she has a mind capable of critical and creative reasoning

That's not the end of the story. Over the seven or so months that my daughter has been going to kindergarten, another trend became evident not only to me but more importantly to my daughter. In the time allotted for general history there is an inordinate amount of subject material devoted to black historical figures and the subject of slavery.

With all of the fascinating characters (of all races) and events over the several hundred years in the history of this nation... these children are exposed first and foremost to a continuous loop of Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, George Washington Carver, slavery, the underground railroad, etc. There was comparatively brief mention of George Washington (and the cherry tree myth), Abraham Lincoln (as part of the larger slavery drama), and Susan B. Anthony.

Friends, I wish I was exaggerating - but I keep every one of the booklets she brings home. No serious mention of the Constitution or any of the things which made America the country - unmatched in history- that was and is a magnate for immigrants of all colors, ethnicity, and religions. No serious mention of the people who designed a nation where thousands and thousands of people would come to live - often escaping under threat of death and coming from nations ruled by people of their own skin color and ethnicity - and to never return to their homeland.

I can only imagine what my grandfather thought looking up at this after 5390 miles.

No, slavery and discrimination is what they are constantly exposed to as they enter the school system.

I would defy anyone to say that Martin Luther King Jr. is not a part of American history...or George W. Carver...or Rosa Parks. But the key words are: part of American history. Subsets like "Black" history should be left to the specialist classes further down the educational grades.

When my six year old daughter can come back to me and ask, "Why, Daddy, if there is a Black History month, do we learn about the same people all year long!" - then things are clearly out of hand. The liberal activists at the educational boards are having their cake and force feeding it too.

I asked her if her class had ever heard of Thomas Jefferson.


I asked if she had heard how Jean Lafitte's rag tag pirates helped American soldiers, under Andrew Jackson, defeat a professional British army during the War of 1812.


I asked if she had ever heard of how Count Casimir Pulaski, one of her own people, lead a courageous cavalry charge which not only prevented an American defeat at the Battle of Brandywine, but saved the life George Washington himself.

Count Pulaski

Perhaps those subjects, basic when I was a child, are becoming the domain of only specialty graduate classes. I wonder if those 'progressive' folks designing the curriculum for your children have ever considered what effect the courses have on the self-esteem of non-black children? I wonder if they ever considered the effect their choice of curriculum has on black children for that matter? What kinds of resentments and misunderstandings are these information 'selectors' helping to create amongst innocent children?

This is not teaching American history. This is not equality. Even a child can see that.

I suggest you all take a good look at what they are teaching your young children. (It is no surprise home-schooling is consistently producing smarter kids. For those of us who aren't in a position to home school, we may have to supplement our child's learning far beyond what our parents did).

As for my little girl? She is going to be just fine. I have started "Western Civilization Tuesdays" each week. I give her a choice of books and all she has to do is flip through and ask questions. This week was about medieval culture and myths. In the spirit of compromise, she insists that I play "Littlest Pet Shop" with her afterward. I think that is a fair enough deal:)

stay tuned...

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February 19, 2010

All the Perfumes of Arabia...


Have you ever had a really bad haircut... and you feel like people are burning holes through your head with their eyeballs every time you turn around? Many Americans know exactly how that feels. And they are doing something about it.

Imagine if you will, "Bob" the 30- something guy who thought supporting Obama made him 'pimp' in the eyes of "Trina" the 19 year old hostess at Applebees...Or "Marla" the well-meaning, yet gullible public schoolteacher who fantasized about computers for every one of her kids...

"Off damn sticker! Off!"...they cry like Lady Macbeth in act V as they hysterically peel and scrape Obama bumper stickers off of their cars.

Some were just caught up in the excitement of the elections. Some were under a spell of sorts. The promises...the soundbites! The next thing they knew - they were cleaning spots on their cars to place a slick Obama/Biden themed sticker. It was all whirlwind!


Now under the cover of darkness, and working in reflected streetlight, people across America deliver themselves from further embarrassment. They carefully roll back the corners of those symbols of betrayal. And with any luck, those horrible things will come off in one piece.

"Off damn 'hope'! Off damn 'change'!"

"Off damn 'women for Obama'! Off 'Vote Democrat'!"

Minutes later, they breath free. It would be as if "it" was never there.

But those are the lucky ones... For some poor souls, things will not go so well. For some, there are just too many stickers and they will drop to their knees... shaking their fist at the sky...screaming, "For the love of God...why didn't someone stop meeeee!"


Why, indeed...why, indeed.

Worse still, others will struggle against stickers that will shred when removed. These folks are doomed to peeling tiny slivers, for hours on end, until they succumb to exhaustion or even madness.

Then there are those whom, in their desire to remove their shame, go too far. You may see them on the road in front of with hideous scars on their rear. This... the result of frantic scrubbing which went clear past the sticker...beyond the paint...and into the actual body of the automobile...

Friends, we must not sneer or snicker! These people need to be welcomed back into reality. We have all made mistakes.

And there are far more tragic characters who deserves our sympathy. When you see them tell your children not to stare and perhaps mutter a quiet prayer for them. For these folks are beyond our mortal help. These are folks who still believe in this man - Barack Obama... Folks who believe he is more than a man.


They will keep their bumper stickers and their t-shirts. They will keep their posters and glossy magazines...perhaps until long after the last promise is broken...perhaps even after Obama has left office. Because for them, words and intentions are what matters.

And all the 'perfumes of Arabia' couldn't sweeten that foul reality...

stay tuned...


February 11, 2010

Stop This Train!

Okay, this entry was a little late. I am still getting over bronchitis and sleeping 20 hours a day (that's actually an improvement). When this whole thing started with the flu - swine, no doubt - I thought I was going to die...then I felt better...then I felt so bad that I wanted to die. Now, I think I am getting better but who knows...


Does it feel like our nation is a runaway train headed for disaster and we are just terrified passengers? We all recognize that there are many who are very good at shouting out what our problems are and yet offer few solutions. Then there are those who talk of solutions like 'hope and change' which have proved to be quite elusive concepts.

Along with flights of fancy, we are getting solutions coming from the White House to problems which we aren't really interested in at the moment (I'm thinking of Obama's insistence on changing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy) or 'false dichotomy' solutions (ex. the Democrats plan is the only solution to fixing health care). Then there is the 'blame game', which is actually no solution at all... which is now developed into the 'partisan game' which is...Wait... SOMEBODY STOP THIS TRAIN, WE WANT TO GET OFF!


Sometimes it is easy to let the constant barrage of bad news and the maniacs in power get us down. Sometimes, even I become so disgusted that I want to give up the fight, give up staying informed, and go collect stamps or something.

But that is exactly what the elites would like Americans to do. After all, they know what's best for us and Americans are just too stupid to get it. According to this administration, the only reason America is not supporting Obama's progressive schemes is because we don't understand them - although Obama and Co. admitted that maybe they did not explain it well enough.

At the same time, our president has asked us to "turned off your CNN, your Fox, your blogs." Oh! You would like that, wouldn't you Mr.Obama? Okay... and from now on, we can all just count on your press secretary to tell us what is 'really' going on. Sure.

It seems that the mass media propaganda machine is not working adequately enough for the Leftist Elite - which caused Obama to throw CNN, along with his arch-enemy FOX, under the bus when he made his anti-news message. (Not to be out-done, Sen.Boxer added MSNBC.) This, of course, was a subtle message to the Media to come back into the fold since there have been some departures from the party line.

The truth has a way of coming to the surface doesn't it?

But we don't have to sit quietly and wait for a disaster or a miracle. Our first goal should be to continue to stay informed but resist the cynicism and apathy that sometimes goes with it. We can disobey the authorities by not only reading blogs - but starting new ones of our own.

We also need to stay sharp and pay attention to what the entertainment wing of the media is programming.

Here's an example: Our nation has experienced very severe winters recently and this year is in the middle of, what Obama himself (supposedly) dubbed, "Snowmagedon". Records are breaking and temperature averages are going DOWN - not up - as we were told by Al Gore, Obama, and all of the rest of the global warming mob. And now, several former pro-warming scientists have come out with the truth that there are huge problems with their research and temperatures have actually not gone up the past decade AT ALL. Considering the recent Climategate scandal with these events and the fat, greenhouse gas emitting, lady is howling.


Yet, the History Channel, interestingly enough, has been running back-to-back geology shows that proclaim global warming to be a fact (all of them appear to be produced several years ago).

A few Weather Channel anchors have been making comments -after blizzard reports- reassuring people that global warming still exists in spite of the recent events and data. There has even been comments made by hosts at the Olympics! (BTW, when they want you to ignore what common sense is telling is a sign: They are on a defensive. But like a cornered or drowning animal, they can be very dangerous.)

junk science is a cash bonfire

Recognizing b.s. in journalism and entertainment media is a good skill to have. The media can't influence those who see through it's charade. But what about more direct actions we can take?

Well, let's start with the basic premise that an economically competitive America is a nation with jobs. And a competitive America with jobs is a good thing.

That being said, we can vote for candidates who will: 1) Cut taxes across the board, 2) Stop unions from strangling business and, 3) End this Cap-and-Trade type environmental madness which cripples American industry while other countries swallow up jobs and capital. Addressing these issues are crucial for America to become competitive and stimulate job growth. But there is something we can do... today.

Buy American.

I know it is a cliche. But until we start consuming less of this Chinese import garbage - the future will not be bright enough for those cheap Asian-made shades you got. The problem is we all want cheap. We all want a lot. And we are all guilty. But what has that gotten us? It has gotten us all a lot of cheap, disposable garbage.

We have confused buying cheaply with being spendthrift .

If we are concerned with the environment - then our garbage dumps being filled with continuous piles of crap labeled: 'Made in China' is a hazard far more real than supposed global temperature change.

Not to mention, these imports are literally poison. As I write this, there is yet another lead scare in Chinese import toys - teddy bears, for God's sakes, being pulled from Target shelves.


True, American goods are sometimes more expensive and this is a direct result of a hostile business environment. But there are two sides to the equation: As a nation of producers, we need to change that business environment in the political sphere. As a nation of consumers, we need to support our industry.

We need to give business a reason to stay here and fight to exist. And that starts with the every day choices we all make.

Every time you buy something you are casting a vote that tells the market what you want. It is the most democratic and beautifully efficient systems in existence. We don't need to wait for election days or march on Washington to make a difference (although both of those are good things). We can send a message - voting with our dollar - that we want business and industry here in America. And eventually, market forces will bring the price of domestic goods into line with imports!

We can also learn a lot from this recession by looking to the past- even if our politicians refuse to. The Obama Administration has used the same worthless Keynesian economics (print and spend) which failed to work during the Great Depression. However, what did work was the way our grandparents reacted to those difficult times. They became thrifty. They despised waste and came up with creative solutions. People helped one another. And....get ready for this....they learned to make do with less!

Would it be so bad if we did the same?

So there are things we can do while on this wild ride. We can stay informed. We can vote. When we go shopping, we can ask ourselves what we really need and if we could do with less of it. We can choose to buy American and even buy local. Most of all, we can change the attitudes that got us here in the first places.

Recent elections are indicating America is on the way to becoming wiser in a political sense. Let's work on becoming wiser in a "cents" sense. And we need to get to it because time may not be on our side.

Turn off your CNN and Other Obama Scoldings

Teddy Bear Recall at Target

Climate Scientist U-turn

Stay tuned....


January 8, 2010

O-O-Obama Saved The World!

On occasion, I plan on adding to my diary 'profile sketches' of the folks I come across. I believe that people have more in common than they realize. Who knows... you might even recognize someone you know.

So without further ado, my first character sketch is one from way out in left field....the man called:

Ricky "Google"

Ricky "google" was certainly one strange individual. Which, if you know me, is saying quite a bit. He wasn't the hammered-and-jumping-off-the-roof-into-the-kiddie-pool strange I've known over the years. Ricky was more of an odd combination of personality quirks, desperate insecurity, and out of context politics. Regardless, I met this late middle-age character when he was sent as a carpenter to a large remodeling project I was also working on (for a famous athletic couple whose identity I am sworn to secrecy).


Bald and frumpy, with a heaping dose of that creepy 'child molester look', Ricky had been nicknamed "google". He earned his nickname by his very annoying habit of pulling out his I-phone (or whatever it was) and consulting Google on any topic, regardless of how trivial, that came within his earshot. Be it the weather or the price of tea in China, when his squinting eyes saw something he thought relevant, he would blurt out his discovery with satisfaction. Unfortunately (for us), not only was his information either dubious or irrelevant, he was usually interrupting a conversation not at all involving him.

Ricky "google" also had a moderate stutter which became worse the more excited he became. Not that there was anything wrong with his stutter - if he had anything exciting things to say - but his personal stories and anecdotes were exceedingly boring. The stutter then made what would have been a dull, but bearable, five minutes into a mind numbing fifteen.

Interestingly, Ricky was a self-proclaimed genius and took every chance he could to let his co-workers know it. You know the type...those people who can somehow segue from just about any subject into mentioning their extraordinary IQ. If that wasn't enough, he somehow found openings in any conversation to relate nuggets like how in college he could calculate the square roots of extremely complex numbers (a feat he somehow could no longer perform) . To me, it was very amusing to hear him wax poetic over his brilliance - while he simultaneously sat on the dirty floor of a construction site, eating his sloppy lunch. It was just the kind of irony in life I enjoy witnessing.

Up to this point, like everyone else, I just considered him annoying but harmless. We all patiently let him have his say when he stuttered and sputtered his way through a sentence. I gathered he wasn't a very happy person though and I even found myself feeling sorry for him for no real reason.

I often thought to myself, however, how odd that such a genius would be here - among us regular folks - pounding nails for a living and not off curing disease or unleashing his genius on Wall Street. But it turned out he had actually done the latter, "I played the stock market for years," he mentioned to me one day, probably sensing my growing suspicion. In fact, I came to learn that he even would have been rich if, "Bush had not collapsed the economy."


Such an absurd and sweeping statement instantly threw up red flags. Our frumpy genius, as it turned out, was a committed Liberal of the pathologically Bush-hating variety. He accepted the mainstream media's viewpoint as Gospel. And to say that he loved Obama - well... read on friends...

Now... disappointment in, and even disapproval of, George Bush is not uncommon in the rough and tumble world of the construction site. However, most folks are either annoyingly ambivalent or deeply cynical of politics. But an openly liberal Democrat - now that was a rare occurrence.

And with good reason too. Most guys on the job site fall into that segment of the working class who pay their taxes - but are unlikely to receive any kind of government entitlements. Many are small contractors and subcontractors who have to deal with bureaucracy in order to actually work for a living. With none of the same protection (or sympathy) afforded to the minimum wage crowd and stiffening regulations, it is hard to get ahead in even the good times.

The attitude is best summed up by the bumper sticker I have seen on several construction sites: "If only a building permit was as easy to get as welfare!" Which could be further qualified in the following way: "If only a building permit was as easy for us to get as welfare is for them." Rough and simplistic as these sentiments are, they contain a certain truth.

But cynicism or the grudging populist/conservative hybrid of the working man was not for Ricky "google". No, he knew where he stood. And alas, this made Ricky intriguing to me. So, I listened carefully when he spoke about his political views. I generally avoided conflict and really wanted to understand his devotion to Liberalism.

New Deal Soup line

Our first exchange occurred one warm October day when he said with personal pride, "Obama's stimulus plan is really working and without inflation!"

"Is that so?" I said with the bait proving irresistible. "Even his own people won't admit to that. There is nothing new in what he is doing. It was tried by FDR and failed. You can't print your way out of a recession without consequence."

"But th-things were different then," he said surprised by confrontation, "people l-lived different (sic). They lived more independent."

I assumed he was explaining the failure of the New Deal - with its social programs and the Government taking up the slack of private sector consumption- was a result of people being more independent in the 1930's. I was confused...

"So are you saying that Obama's version of the New Deal will work today, because people are more dependent on the Federal Government?"

"y-y-yes!" he said frustrated at my inability to catch on to his brilliant assertions.

"Rick, you are telling me that we should use the same medicine to cure a sickness - that didn't work the first time - because the patient is now addicted to the medicine?!"

"Wh-what does th-this have to do with health care?"

"Nothing, Rick. Nothing."

hopeiate of the mass

Thus, our first political engagement came to a close with both of us scratching our heads. I can only assume that he was operating on a much higher plane of thought than I could grasp. He was, after all, a genius.

But without a doubt, the hands-down, most astounding thing he told me were four simple words in October. Rick was annoyed at some critical remarks he had overheard me make about Obama and he turned to me, as if he could barely contain his anger and said, "O-O-Obama saved the world!"

I was stunned.

"Obama saved the world?" I asked in disbelief, "That is quite an accomplishment for an American president - for any nations leader - especially one who has been in office for such a short time." I was really beginning to think either I am unable to understand such genius or this guy is a few clowns short of a circus....

Yet, in an even more astounding declaration he said, "But the recession is o-o-over already!"

"Over?" I answered in astonishment. I desperately search his face for some sign that he was joking with me. I saw only determination.

"It was over y-y-yesterday," he replied while his face grew red, "The O-O-Obama stimulus plan w-worked. Didn't you know?"

Wow! Not even my most liberal of associates would say something like that. Here was a delirium on par with that lady, who on NBC, pronounced that Obama would pay her mortgage and gas as president!

In the least likely of places, I had come face to face with Obamania in all of its irrational glory. This, of course, is the condition where people lose all connection with reality when they think about Obama. And with Ricky “google” - a perfect storm of personality traits, events, and exposure to the Media collided to create the kind of liberal the Democrats have been building for years.

The intellectual superiority Ricky felt was a major factor in his condition. Liberalism is based on the premise that there are “those who know what is good for the rest”. So, the elitism of the Left fit well with him. What he didn’t understand was that he was being manipulated. Would it not be easier to keep the 'sheep' (whose vote was not already bought by hand-outs) on their side by telling them "they are smarter than the rest"? It makes sense how this aspect of Liberalism would appeal to someone like Ricky "google" who was unhappy, awkward, and yet so convinced of his intellectual superiority.

And even with all his internet searching and headlines, it seems impossible that he could evaluate information with any objectivity. How many of you know people who confuse being well-read (or well-watched) with being well-informed? It would seem his ego, passion for Obama, and devotion to Liberalism had become so inextricably intertwined that none could exist without the other. The success of Obama was Ricky's success - and the failure of Obama...well that just couldn't happen.

Shortly after our conversation, I thought I would ask him just one more thing: “Hey Rick, can you really expect to get reliable information from say, someone like Chris Matthews - who claimed that when Obama spoke he got a ‘thrill up his leg’?”

Ricky looked at me with complete confidence and replied, “Absolutely...because I feel the same way.”

There’s not much more I can say after hearing that, friends.

Stay tuned...