February 19, 2010

All the Perfumes of Arabia...


Have you ever had a really bad haircut... and you feel like people are burning holes through your head with their eyeballs every time you turn around? Many Americans know exactly how that feels. And they are doing something about it.

Imagine if you will, "Bob" the 30- something guy who thought supporting Obama made him 'pimp' in the eyes of "Trina" the 19 year old hostess at Applebees...Or "Marla" the well-meaning, yet gullible public schoolteacher who fantasized about computers for every one of her kids...

"Off damn sticker! Off!"...they cry like Lady Macbeth in act V as they hysterically peel and scrape Obama bumper stickers off of their cars.

Some were just caught up in the excitement of the elections. Some were under a spell of sorts. The promises...the soundbites! The next thing they knew - they were cleaning spots on their cars to place a slick Obama/Biden themed sticker. It was all whirlwind!


Now under the cover of darkness, and working in reflected streetlight, people across America deliver themselves from further embarrassment. They carefully roll back the corners of those symbols of betrayal. And with any luck, those horrible things will come off in one piece.

"Off damn 'hope'! Off damn 'change'!"

"Off damn 'women for Obama'! Off 'Vote Democrat'!"

Minutes later, they breath free. It would be as if "it" was never there.

But those are the lucky ones... For some poor souls, things will not go so well. For some, there are just too many stickers and they will drop to their knees... shaking their fist at the sky...screaming, "For the love of God...why didn't someone stop meeeee!"


Why, indeed...why, indeed.

Worse still, others will struggle against stickers that will shred when removed. These folks are doomed to peeling tiny slivers, for hours on end, until they succumb to exhaustion or even madness.

Then there are those whom, in their desire to remove their shame, go too far. You may see them on the road in front of with hideous scars on their rear. This... the result of frantic scrubbing which went clear past the sticker...beyond the paint...and into the actual body of the automobile...

Friends, we must not sneer or snicker! These people need to be welcomed back into reality. We have all made mistakes.

And there are far more tragic characters who deserves our sympathy. When you see them tell your children not to stare and perhaps mutter a quiet prayer for them. For these folks are beyond our mortal help. These are folks who still believe in this man - Barack Obama... Folks who believe he is more than a man.


They will keep their bumper stickers and their t-shirts. They will keep their posters and glossy magazines...perhaps until long after the last promise is broken...perhaps even after Obama has left office. Because for them, words and intentions are what matters.

And all the 'perfumes of Arabia' couldn't sweeten that foul reality...

stay tuned...


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