February 11, 2010

Stop This Train!

Okay, this entry was a little late. I am still getting over bronchitis and sleeping 20 hours a day (that's actually an improvement). When this whole thing started with the flu - swine, no doubt - I thought I was going to die...then I felt better...then I felt so bad that I wanted to die. Now, I think I am getting better but who knows...


Does it feel like our nation is a runaway train headed for disaster and we are just terrified passengers? We all recognize that there are many who are very good at shouting out what our problems are and yet offer few solutions. Then there are those who talk of solutions like 'hope and change' which have proved to be quite elusive concepts.

Along with flights of fancy, we are getting solutions coming from the White House to problems which we aren't really interested in at the moment (I'm thinking of Obama's insistence on changing the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy) or 'false dichotomy' solutions (ex. the Democrats plan is the only solution to fixing health care). Then there is the 'blame game', which is actually no solution at all... which is now developed into the 'partisan game' which is...Wait... SOMEBODY STOP THIS TRAIN, WE WANT TO GET OFF!


Sometimes it is easy to let the constant barrage of bad news and the maniacs in power get us down. Sometimes, even I become so disgusted that I want to give up the fight, give up staying informed, and go collect stamps or something.

But that is exactly what the elites would like Americans to do. After all, they know what's best for us and Americans are just too stupid to get it. According to this administration, the only reason America is not supporting Obama's progressive schemes is because we don't understand them - although Obama and Co. admitted that maybe they did not explain it well enough.

At the same time, our president has asked us to "turned off your CNN, your Fox, your blogs." Oh! You would like that, wouldn't you Mr.Obama? Okay... and from now on, we can all just count on your press secretary to tell us what is 'really' going on. Sure.

It seems that the mass media propaganda machine is not working adequately enough for the Leftist Elite - which caused Obama to throw CNN, along with his arch-enemy FOX, under the bus when he made his anti-news message. (Not to be out-done, Sen.Boxer added MSNBC.) This, of course, was a subtle message to the Media to come back into the fold since there have been some departures from the party line.

The truth has a way of coming to the surface doesn't it?

But we don't have to sit quietly and wait for a disaster or a miracle. Our first goal should be to continue to stay informed but resist the cynicism and apathy that sometimes goes with it. We can disobey the authorities by not only reading blogs - but starting new ones of our own.

We also need to stay sharp and pay attention to what the entertainment wing of the media is programming.

Here's an example: Our nation has experienced very severe winters recently and this year is in the middle of, what Obama himself (supposedly) dubbed, "Snowmagedon". Records are breaking and temperature averages are going DOWN - not up - as we were told by Al Gore, Obama, and all of the rest of the global warming mob. And now, several former pro-warming scientists have come out with the truth that there are huge problems with their research and temperatures have actually not gone up the past decade AT ALL. Considering the recent Climategate scandal with these events and the fat, greenhouse gas emitting, lady is howling.


Yet, the History Channel, interestingly enough, has been running back-to-back geology shows that proclaim global warming to be a fact (all of them appear to be produced several years ago).

A few Weather Channel anchors have been making comments -after blizzard reports- reassuring people that global warming still exists in spite of the recent events and data. There has even been comments made by hosts at the Olympics! (BTW, when they want you to ignore what common sense is telling is a sign: They are on a defensive. But like a cornered or drowning animal, they can be very dangerous.)

junk science is a cash bonfire

Recognizing b.s. in journalism and entertainment media is a good skill to have. The media can't influence those who see through it's charade. But what about more direct actions we can take?

Well, let's start with the basic premise that an economically competitive America is a nation with jobs. And a competitive America with jobs is a good thing.

That being said, we can vote for candidates who will: 1) Cut taxes across the board, 2) Stop unions from strangling business and, 3) End this Cap-and-Trade type environmental madness which cripples American industry while other countries swallow up jobs and capital. Addressing these issues are crucial for America to become competitive and stimulate job growth. But there is something we can do... today.

Buy American.

I know it is a cliche. But until we start consuming less of this Chinese import garbage - the future will not be bright enough for those cheap Asian-made shades you got. The problem is we all want cheap. We all want a lot. And we are all guilty. But what has that gotten us? It has gotten us all a lot of cheap, disposable garbage.

We have confused buying cheaply with being spendthrift .

If we are concerned with the environment - then our garbage dumps being filled with continuous piles of crap labeled: 'Made in China' is a hazard far more real than supposed global temperature change.

Not to mention, these imports are literally poison. As I write this, there is yet another lead scare in Chinese import toys - teddy bears, for God's sakes, being pulled from Target shelves.


True, American goods are sometimes more expensive and this is a direct result of a hostile business environment. But there are two sides to the equation: As a nation of producers, we need to change that business environment in the political sphere. As a nation of consumers, we need to support our industry.

We need to give business a reason to stay here and fight to exist. And that starts with the every day choices we all make.

Every time you buy something you are casting a vote that tells the market what you want. It is the most democratic and beautifully efficient systems in existence. We don't need to wait for election days or march on Washington to make a difference (although both of those are good things). We can send a message - voting with our dollar - that we want business and industry here in America. And eventually, market forces will bring the price of domestic goods into line with imports!

We can also learn a lot from this recession by looking to the past- even if our politicians refuse to. The Obama Administration has used the same worthless Keynesian economics (print and spend) which failed to work during the Great Depression. However, what did work was the way our grandparents reacted to those difficult times. They became thrifty. They despised waste and came up with creative solutions. People helped one another. And....get ready for this....they learned to make do with less!

Would it be so bad if we did the same?

So there are things we can do while on this wild ride. We can stay informed. We can vote. When we go shopping, we can ask ourselves what we really need and if we could do with less of it. We can choose to buy American and even buy local. Most of all, we can change the attitudes that got us here in the first places.

Recent elections are indicating America is on the way to becoming wiser in a political sense. Let's work on becoming wiser in a "cents" sense. And we need to get to it because time may not be on our side.

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Stay tuned....


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