April 12, 2010

The Mayor's Gift of "Free"

My first epic political poem about a kingdom and their new 'mayor of the palace'. Enjoy.

Not so long ago,
and not so very far
A kingdom unlike any other stood
and shone as if a star

Invention and innovation,
freedom from tyranny,
the mayors could only rule as long
as the sum of years: one plus three

No, things were not always good
but life was far from bad
though some had forgotten it,
they had more than other Kingdoms had

Now in this place there lived two groups
who held their sway at Court
elected to manage many things
and to the people they'd report

First there were the '
who thought that
they knew best
'Intentions' were what mattered most
though they rarely found success

Next there were the '
prudent and profound,
but unable to communicate
their plans would run aground

Outside of Court lived all the rest,
people of all kinds
Once frugal and independent,
but growing lazy over time

So busy collecting pleasurable things,
they ignored the events at Court
In turn their children took little time
to understand management's report

One day a man with glowing eyes
from the ranks of
said, "Let me be your Mayor,
and I will change this useless Court!"

The people cheered, it sounded good
he seemed a special man
While the
Impotates looked befuddled
sitting on their hands

Dazzled and nearly dizzy
the people crowned him like a King
hoping they could quickly return
to collecting their pleasurable things

But the Mayor had a plan
to make himself beloved
a plan that busy people thought
would come from Him above

He strutted out one lovely day
on the Courts broad balcony
And shouted to all the people below
"I will give you free electricity!"

Pediwarts cried tears of joy
"Dear people, is He not grand?"
Again, the
Impotates sat
firmly on their hands

Many folks were not so sure
some even were aghast
They had heard of schemes like this
destroying kingdoms in the past

One came up from the crowd
asking if it was true
and, "who will pay for such a thing?"
"Well...someone richer than you!"

"And what of those kingdoms,
destroyed in the past?"
"Fables, good people, fables!
Our kingdom will surely last!"

Poor folks were taxed but little
and indeed the lights seemed free
Others paid a little more
because they had the means

Day and night people used their lights
they had no bills to fear
they used as much as they saw fit
double from prior years

Electric plants could not keep up
demand had grown too large
So the Mayor said "To certain things,
we add a wee surcharge"

So plants were built called Kingdom Co.
and though they came on line
they only could keep up with things
for a certain time

Pediwarts now quite pleased
asked, "If electricity is a right...
then why not water? clothes? or cars?
All basic things for life!"

The Mayor decreed, it came pass,
and dissenters were shouted down
"How dare you question free things for all!"
Impotates made no sound

The money to get all these things
was difficult to acquire
so new taxes were created
with reasons quite inspired

So many things now called "free"
enough money could not come in
the ranks of those once 'of means'
now had grown quite thin

The poor would have to pay their share
and laws were put on walls:
six hours of light was now the max
and clothes- one size for all

A car would have to last ten years
and water - one litter per day
The best chance for the food you want-
is to be in line by eight

Of course the Mayor and his friends
lived by different rules,
Pediwarts stood in no lines
and had the pick of food

In a kingdom once so shinning bright
on a course they had embarked...

a once proud people sat wearing rags
for eighteen hours in the dark

The end.

stay tuned....

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