May 20, 2010

I was wrong?

I am not above admitting when I am wrong- and I was wrong. Well, maybe more fooled than wrong...Okay, I was wrong to be fooled. Regardless, I usually try to avoid regional and local issues in my blogs, but in order to come clean, I must briefly stray from my modus operandi. So with out further ado... my "mea culpa":

I once supported Florida's Governor Charlie Crist.


Halfhearted as my support was, I thought I saw enough in Crist to give him a chance - and my vote. He seemed to be at least a young, sharp, and energetic Republican. He wasn't exactly conservative... he was the typical middle-of-the-road 'McCain-type' Republican... but mostly he was the lesser of two evils (running against Jim Davis, endorsed by then Illinois Senator Barack Obama).

There were warning signs which I won't recount here, but sufficed to say, they predictably ended with Crist switching to the Independent 'unparty' (you know, like an 'unbirthday') just weeks ago. His departure from the Republican party was seen by many as an act of political self-preservation... whatever. He received votes and money from Floridians by promising to uphold certain values and govern in a certain manner. Crist failed on both promises.


In my estimation, he is exactly what was wrong with the Republican politicians these past few years. He threw his conservative constituents enough bones to satisfy them and then promptly threw us under the bus on important issues. We - Conservatives - were used to that kind of measured disappointment, weren't we? We could at least take solace in the fact that the only thing worse than a "big government Republican" is a Democrat. The difference being the latter has compromised small government and free market ideals while the other one never had them at all.

The fact is that I... we... conservatives, had come to expect little from our own politicians. We tolerated far too much Progressiveness- and the election of Crist was just as much proof of this as the candidacy of John McCain.The 'lesser of two evils' theory may be pragmatic but it still is wrong. We allowed the party to make electability a priority over conservative values and paid in spades for it.

As the Obama Regime grinds on, it seems that Conservatism may be coming to terms with its own complacency, particularly in regards to the shenanigans of the Republican party. The end of 'big government' Republicans may hopefully be at hand and perhaps the party will be a home for conservatives again. And while America is quickly getting on board, the only sad thing about ship-jumpers like Specter and Crist is that we tolerated them for so long...


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