May 27, 2010

Sending Liberals to Their Happy Place

I promised my readers I would cover this topic as part of my recent entries about American Liberalism and here it is:

I have learned that conversing with a liberal is a fairly predictable event. Though they rarely admit to being Socialists (the Marxist variety), the subtext of their argument is always the belief that socialism is the answer to America's problems. My argument against socialism is equally predictable: The laboratory of history has shown this experiment to have the same failed and tragic result - under a variety of circumstances. Even in our own country, is it not the socialistic programs which are perpetually broken and hemorrhaging tax money with little result?

At this point liberals will usually retort that it is America's 'lack of commitment to socio-economic justice (meaning socialism)' which is to blame for its less than desirable condition. They believe that 'if only taxpayers and industry were made to give more' or 'if the right person (like Obama) was allowed to lead the nation without impediment' then things would be different. To which I respond: It is in those very nations, whose leadership had total commitment to socialism and devoted all political energies towards those ends, where history's most gruesome atrocities occurred. Even with all of the means of the nation mobilized and effective opposition neutralized - Socialism still ultimately failed.

so long sucker

While there are still some examples of committed socialist nations, such as North Korea or Cuba, their oppressive governments and miserable standard of living do not make for an attractive model of something better than life in America. And a nation like China, which has survived by implementing reform in such a way as to create a type of 'vulgar' socialism and capitalism, is hardly an alternative either.

So what is a liberal to say?

They inevitably respond, "That is not our socialism. Our socialism is the successful one we see in Europe. I read a study by _______ that ________ is one of the best places to live in the world! They have Socialism."

This, my friends, is their proverbial ace-in-the hole. This is the one pillar on which rank and file liberals stand and behind which neo-marxists shield themselves.

And there could not be a weaker defense of Socialism than this.

Apples and Oranges

The conclusion that the people of Europe are "happier" or "better off" than we are - as a direct result of their incorporation of socialism - requires one to make multiple leaps of faith and logic. Furthermore, assuming we can accept the validity of dubious studies, which claim to measure often subjective things, to accept that European models can be applied to the United States is equally far fetched. Let me show you:


Consider Norway, a Scandinavian nation often lionized by American liberals. This constitutional monarchy (that's right - a monarchy) has a total population numbering little more than half of New York City. In fact, with a population of only 4,676,305 Norwegians, you could fit their population into the United States 66 times over! With what childlike simplicity do liberals think that the same bureaucracy that administers the heath care system in Norway could function in the same manner, or even remotely resemble itself, in our nation of over 310 million?

Consider that there are, according to some figures, three times the number of Illegal immigrants in the United States than the total number of people in Norway. The number of illegal immigrants entering into Norway is by comparison a statistical zero. Could this be a factor in the perceived happiness in that country? Could it be the reason social programs allegedly work there?

There are also extreme cultural differences between the United States and Norway. This country, like others liberals love, is striking in its utter lack of diversity. This is a country of 94% Norwegians... meaning white people. This is also a country where 85.7% of the population are members of the Church of Norway (Lutheranism). Catholics are 1% and Jews are statistically non-existent. I am not condemning Norway - there are reasons why they are this way - but that is not how America is, and it creates consequences for both nations.

Should I continue with other incongruities such as international financial and humanitarian commitments, we would be here all day...

So, this is the liberal Mecca? A country of nearly all one race and religion, the approximate population size of Alabama. Could it be proven that their socialism is anymore responsible for their supposed happiness than say cultural, traditional, or even genetic factors?

Post War Europe

The sacred cow of liberals continues to implode when one considers general European history. American liberals cannot point to a long tradition of European socialism. The first half of the twentieth century was marked by chaos and destruction from two World Wars (the last involving two major socialist regimes). In 1945, devastated Europe had nowhere to go but up. Then, Europe had the benefit of the Marshall Plan (American money) and the Cold War (more American money). The key here is that any serious study of European style socialism is bound to be sharply skewed.

That is not to say that Socialism thus far is even worth the price that Europe's citizens pay. The fact remains that the people are taxed heavily to provide for priorities decided upon by a comparative few. Our example nation of Norway is the 5th most expensive country in which to live. It is interesting to note that as many European nations become increasingly diverse, there is growing dissatisfaction with socialist policies by citizens. France is an excellent example of this trend. Today, we are watching a growing economic crisis where many European nations are paying the price for their social entitlements. Greece being a prime example (unfortunately for us, the American taxpayer via the IMF will prop up their socialism).

And finally, the type of socialism that American liberals are so enamored with is in fact a type of National Socialism. The socialism in Europe is defined and confined by their respective nation-states; the elements of socialism in each country are subject to the unique characteristics of each country. There is no class solidarity across borders, brotherhood of the proletariat, or any such nonsense. This brings up all kinds of complications, not the least of which is the fact that liberals are supposedly against nationalism.

Ultimately, none of this matters. Most liberals won't listen to more than a few of these points before they get that glassy stare. It's a stare that says, "Don't confuse me with your facts. I am going to my happy place now..." The fact that liberals have been using this argument, weak as it may be, for so long is actually a good thing... it makes my job easy - if not predictable.

Note: You can find the statistics I use in several places. A user-friendly website is: The CIA World Factbook. My number of illegal immigrants in the US come from a report by the Pew Hispanic Center, a non-partisan research organization. Let it be known, I love Norway and its people - horned Vikings hats, fjords, and all.


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